Best Loose Leaf Tea Infuser

Let’s know about the Best Loose Leaf Tea Infuser!

If you want to brew a perfect cup of tea, there are several factors to consider. Right from the tea type, temperature conditions, steeping time to the tea equipment used. The entire process of brewing tea can be made easier by using tea equipment like tea infusers and strainers. This article includes everything you need to know about the Best loose leaf tea infusers.  

What is a Loose Leaf Tea Infuser?

While making a cup of tea, there’s always a choice to be made between tea bags and loose tea. Undoubtedly, tea bags are convenient, easy, and quick to use. However, for a quality cup of tea, loose tea leaves are always preferred over tea bags. 

A tea infuser is a tea tool that is often used while brewing loose leaf tea. After placing the tea leaves into the infuser, it is kept over hot water to soak in all the flavors of the tea into the cup. After steeping, tea infusers make the process of removing the tea leaves easier while ensuring that you have a perfectly brewed cup of tea. Most of the tea infusers are reusable and can be used to brew almost all kinds of tea. 

With the right loose leaf tea infusers and strainers, preparing a cup of tea using loose tea can be effortless. They also ensure that your tea doesn’t turn bitter.

Picking the right loose leaf tea infuser is influenced by the material, requirements, size, etc. So, the ultimate choice comes down to your personal preference. 

How to choose the best loose leaf tea infuser?

As mentioned above, there are a few things that you should take into account before buying a loose leaf tea infuser. Let’s shed some light on them.


There’s a golden rule to keep in mind here. Larger the size of the infuser, tastier the tea! While small-sized tea balls are handy and convenient, they do not give enough space for the tea leaves to expand. However, they can be used for small-sized tea leaves that do not require more room for expansion. On the other hand, larger infusers give the loose tea leaves plenty of space to expand and infuse their flavors to the maximum. The amount of holes in a tea infuser is also an important factor. Tea infusers should have smaller holes so that the tea leaves do not escape into your teacup. 


The material used for the loose leaf tea infuser should be long-lasting and sturdy. Ceramic, plastic, and stainless steel tea infusers are the options available. Stainless steel has an upper hand because they are more dependable and well-suited for everyday use. 

Ease of use

The simpler, the better! Tea infusers are used to make brewing a cup of tea easier for you. Certainly, it should not be the other way round. So, you needn’t pick the ones that come with complex parts. We suggest you go for the ones that are user-friendly and practical. 


The choice of aesthetics varies from person to person. Stainless steel tea infusers look simple yet glossy with a silky-smooth finish. The glass or ceramic loose leaf tea infusers give a more elegant look. 

The best loose leaf tea infusers

To make the choice easier for you, we have listed below a few options for the best loose leaf tea infusers. 

Tea infusing balls

Tea balls are beginner-friendly infusers that are preferred for brewing Green tea, Herbal teas, and few Black Teas that require less space to expand. They are easy to use and are ideal for brewing single cups of tea. A drawback of this kind of infuser is that it can hold a comparatively less amount of tea leaves. So, they cannot be used to make larger batches of tea. 

Infuser baskets

The spacious infuser baskets are the most famous and highly recommended tea infuser. It is the go-to option for all tea enthusiasts. Infuser baskets are designed in such a way that they let the tea leaves unfurl completely. This ensures that the flavor of the is completely extracted. Also, watching the tea leaves unfurl gradually is indeed a treat to the eyes. 

Stand-alone tea infusers

The reason why most tea drinkers prefer stand-alone infusers is that they can be combined with your favorite mugs or cups. So, you can brew your tea directly into these mugs, thereby eliminating the need for an extra container. Also, they can easily be carried everywhere you go. So, these are the perfect choice to have your tea on the go!

Teapots with built-in infusers

This kind of loose leaf tea infuser is the most suitable if you want to brew tea in larger quantities. Teapots are accompanied by infuser baskets. These infuser baskets can be found in stainless steel or ceramics whereas teapots can be made from glass or ceramics.   

Tea infuser mug sets

Tea infuser mug sets are a 2 in one product that combines a mug and an infuser. They are the most convenient to use and come with a lid to keep the tea warm. Tea infuser mug sets are available in an array of colors and materials. Ceramic and glass tea infusers are the most common ones.

Loose leaf tea infuser travel mug

Tea tumbler or tea infuser travel mug makes brewing a cup of tea a breeze. This loose-leaf tea infuser travel mug is a great travel-friendly option that lets you brew all kinds of tea, right from iced tea to the fruit-infused versions. If you prefer to have your tea on the go, tea tumblers are the perfect option! Travel mugs also come with a lid that prevents the tea from spilling. Many varieties are available online or in the market next door. Each of them has features that make them stand out, so the choice is based on your personal preference. 

How to use a loose leaf tea infuser?

To brew a cup of tea using a tea infuser – 

  1. Fill the infuser with tea leaves of your choice. For every 150 ml water, use about 1 teaspoon of loose tea leaves. 
  2. Place the infuser on top of a cup or teapot filled with boiled water.
  3. Steeping time depends on the kind of tea used. So you can adjust accordingly. Remove the infuser and drink hot!

Final words

Brewing a cup of tea is surely a skill to master. But with tea tools like infusers, you would never have to compromise on your cup of tea. They were solely discovered to make your life easier. Loose leaf tea infusers can easily be found in online stores. So, go ahead and pick one that best fits your requirements. Elevate your tea-time experience with a cup of tea made using the best loose leaf tea infuser!


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