Lets know more about Best Loose leaf tea with us!

Let us Know More About Best Loose Leaf Tea!

The most common confusion any tea lover faces is, tea bags or loose leaf tea? The answer is debatable! But if you are looking for details about the best loose leaf tea, then this article is the perfect spot for you!

The best loose leaf tea is a delight like none other. Compared to tea bags, loose leaf tea brings more finesse, flavor, and aroma to the table. So, if you’re a tea aficionado or just beginning to become one, finding the best loose leaf tea brands is a must for you!

Lets know more about Best Loose leaf tea with us!

Loose leaf tea contains a variety of teas under it. Many types of black, white, green teas are sold as loose leaf tea. Loose leaf tea is all about its aroma and flavour! It originated in the northeast in India. Every loose leaf tea has a different aroma and different taste. The growing techniques affect the purity of tea. So the tea brands make sure that it reaches the potentials customer fresh and pure so that they can enjoy their beverage in the purest form.

For making an informed choice, it is also essential for you to know more about loose leaf tea, its benefits, and how you can choose your pack of the best organic loose leaf tea.

Here’s a guide explaining every important detail about loose leaf tea so you can enjoy a delectable cup right away!

What is Loose Leaf Tea?

Loose leaf tea refers to tea that is not sold in teabags. What’s more, since this tea is not pre-packed, it brings with it a far more flavorful experience than other forms of tea. Besides better flavor and heavenly aromas, the best loose leaf tea is those that are organic.

Organic loose leaf tea offers more health benefits than most other warm beverages. Plus, it is of better quality than pre-packed tea since the leaves get ample space to breathe and retain their natural flavors.

For this kind of tea, the loose tea leaves are placed inside an infuser, strainer, or a french press, to make an irresistible cup of tea.

Loose Leaf Tea vs Tea Bags

Tea comes in different categories like dust, broken, whole leaf, and fanning grades. The best organic loose leaf tea comprises whole leaf grades. However, the tea bags you find in supermarkets comprise fanning or dust grades and are not up to the mark.

Instead of compromising on quality and buying tea bags, it is better to buy loose leaf tea that is in its whole form, and not a crushed version. If you are wondering what is the best loose leaf tea, it is the kind derived from whole leaf grades because crushed tea does not have the same aroma, health benefits, or flavors as loose leaf tea.

When you consume loose leaf tea, you allow the tea to expand and spread its flavor besides tasting fresher. Moreover, when you steep crushed tea, it may taste bitter due to the presence of extra tannins.

Are There Any Health Benefits Of Loose Leaf Tea?

It is always wise to research the benefits of any food item before consumption. When it comes to tea, the best loose leaf tea brands speak volumes about the advantages of consuming loose leaf tea.

While the health benefits are not confirmed by any studies or researches as they are marketed by different brands, regular tea drinkers have put their faith in loose leaf tea and affirmed several positive effects! Many experts have claimed that green tea is one of the ideal tea variants for those who wish to have a better metabolism, sharpened memory, improved dental health, and weight loss.

Acting as a catalyst to weight loss, Oolong tea alongside green tea is great for reducing inflammation and improving brain health. Even though green tea has proven health benefits, if you are thinking about what is the best loose leaf green tea, well, it is always one that is organic.

On the other hand, other popular teas like Black tea and Herbal tea work wonders for digestion, improve immunity, and reduce inflammation. Overall, all teas cumulatively provide vitamins and antioxidants, while helping our mind and body stay fit.

Lets know more about Best Loose leaf tea with us!

Factors To Consider When Buying The Best Loose Leaf Tea

Choosing the perfect tea is not an easy task. So, to purchase the best organic loose leaf tea, you need to look at plenty of factors to make sure you are headed the right way. Given the abundance of brands in the market, choosing the right flavor, aroma, quality, and quantity can be a tough job without a bit of help.

So, here’s how you can find the best loose leaf tea:

  • Look up different tea variants

You need to read and understand the different kinds of teas available in the market before settling for one. While Green tea and Black tea are extremely popular, teas like White tea and Oolong tea are exotic and thus consumed by specific tea drinkers.

  • Study the look and feel of the tea

Yes, we have all heard the phrase “don’t judge a book by its cover” countless times! However, the appearance of a tea does tell a lot about its quality and blend. When tea leaves look pale, they are light and subtle.

Alternatively, dark-colored teas are stronger blends. For the best strong tea experience, you must also choose the best loose leaf tea infuser to make a gorgeous cuppa’ tea.

  • Allow the aroma to take over your senses

Breathe in the beautiful tea, aroma to access how fresh the tea leaves are. If your tea is fragrant, it is bound to be amazing. Moreover, organic teas are known for their strong aromas. If you don’t sense one, don’t buy it—it’s probably old.

How to brew loose leaf tea using an infuser?

The best loose leaf tea infuser is one that helps retain the flavor and aroma of the tea. Basically, it acts as an alternative to tea bags but is a sustainable and convenient way of brewing wonderful tea!

Brewing loose leaf tea using an infuser is pretty simple, here’s how to do it in five easy steps.

  • Boil water (as much as required for a mug/cup)
  • Add a tablespoon of tea leaves into the infuser.
  • Place the infuser in an empty mug.
  • Pour the boiling water carefully over your infuser.
  • Allow the tea to sit for 3-4 minutes or as desired. Drink away!

Where to buy the best loose leaf tea?

Online platforms are the best place for you to buy premium quality loose leaf tea. They make sure about the timely delivery of your ordered tea. One of the advantages of buying online is that you can get to know about the tea by reading several feedbacks and reviews or just by reading the specifications. Being a true tea lover, you will love all the exclusive and premium varieties of teas that are available online- just to make your ‘chai times’ the best time of the day! Apart from online shppping, you can also visit your nearest supermarket and get hold of some fresh loose leaf tea!

Final Words

The best loose leaf tea is the purest form of tea that is there. It is a better alternative to tea bags because tea bags are not compostable, so this makes leaf tea better for the environment. The aroma of loose leaf is different from the tea that is served in tea bags. Loose leaf tea is an ancient way of having tea in its raw form.

The health benefits of the best loose leaf tea are one of the main reasons for its widespread popularity! So, go and order your favourite loose leaf tea!

Lets know more about Best Loose leaf tea with us!

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