6 Best Tea for Headaches

6 Best Tea for Headaches – Cure Tension & Migraine Headaches

Headaches are severe and cause a lot of discomforts. It makes you feel like someone is banging a hammer to your head and you just want it to stop. Headaches can be hereditary, like migraines, or can be a result of stress. Tea is considered to be the first option that pops to mind. While a cup of tea can relieve you temporarily of the headache and is not a permanent solution, it definitely eases you to a certain extent and helps you calm down and relax. 

Most Soothing Teas for Headaches

A lot of individuals are under stress and pressure considering the current pandemic. Hence, the number of people facing health issues is escalating. Migraines and headaches are frequent amongst youngsters as they face challenges daily. Relaxation techniques such as yoga and breathing exercises help in relieving stress. Another popular stress buster is a cup of hot tea which is considered by one and all to be the ultimate remedy for a headache.

There are many kinds of flavours and varieties of tea that are considered to be the best teas for headaches. Herbal tea, Oolong tea, Black tea and Green tea are some of the most effective blends for curing a throbbing headache. After water, tea is believed to be the most popular drink in the world. There is no guarantee that your headaches will be cured forever with tea, but it does prevent or stop them from becoming more severe.

Ginger Tea, Willow Bark Tea, Peppermint Tea, Feverfew Tea and Chamomile Tea are a few of our recommendations. Willow Bark Tea is an ancient treatment to heal pain and inflammation. Willow bark is a bark that comes from a variety of willow trees and has similar qualities to an aspirin. Feverfew Tea is an ancient herb with a long-standing history in curing headaches and migraine treatments.

6 Best Herbal Teas for Curing Headaches  

Many years back when modern medicine was not introduced, herbs and herbal remedies were considered a cure for migraines and tension headaches. Over the years of evolution and advancement in the medical world, herbs were included in diets and infused in tea or tea bags. Herbal Tea is considered to be extremely helpful and keeps one hydrated as dehydration is one of the factors that lead to headaches. Let’s look at some of the Best Tea for Headaches. 

 Best Tea for Headaches

Lavender Tea

This tea is made by brewing purple buds of the Lavandula Angustifolia plant in hot water. It helps to improve mood disorders, boosts sleep, soothes menstrual cramping and enhances your skin health.

Turmeric Tea

This blend has abundant health benefits such as easing arthritis symptoms, helps in preventing Alzheimer’s disease, prevents cancer and also boosts the immune system.

Clove Tea

Clove Tea is also considered one of the best teas for headaches. It is an extremely valuable spice and an age-old technique to cure many ailments. This is mainly due to Antinociceptive properties which help reduce the pain. Cloves known as the sweet aromatic spice contain nutrients, are high in antioxidants and may help prevent cancer. 

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea has many health benefits, considering that it is a natural ingredient and is found in abundance and is used all over the world. A dash of ginger in your tea relieves stress and reduces the inflammation that causes headaches. According to research, Ginger tea has been an extremely popular hot beverage amongst Indians as a quick cure for headaches for centuries.

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint tea has pain-relieving and medicinal benefits and qualities that help reduce headaches. Its healing benefits can cure anything from an upset stomach and nausea to headaches. It is also considered to be a muscle relaxer as well as calms the nerves.

Chamomile Tea

Chamomile tea is generally consumed to cure insomnia and anxiety. The relaxing effects of this tea help one calm down and reduce stress and tension.   

However, we would like you to consult your doctor before experimenting with flavoured herbal tea as it may cause allergies or irritation.  

Expert-Approved Teas for Tension Headaches

In today’s fast-paced world where everyone wants to be in the lead, it generates health issues such as insomnia, untimely meals, tension and anxiety. These ultimately schedules lead to headaches. Tea can be a great stress buster for headaches. Its various properties, heat and warmth give you a calming sensation instantly. There are various infusions of tea available nowadays including herbal and naturally flavoured tea bags. 

Here are a few recommendations by Experts for the best teas for tension headaches.

Multi-purpose lavender tea is said to cure anxiety, indigestion, and helps you relax and sleep well. It is extremely simple to make, just add your tea blossoms or tea bag in a cup of boiling water and consume. Lavender tea is available in regular flavour or another option that one can consider switching to is the Earl Grey Lavender Black tea. 

White Tea is another favorite contender while selecting the best tea for tension headaches. White Tea leaves are extracts from black and green tea which come from the same plant. It can be blended with fruits and herbs alike. Since White Tea has caffeine, it helps in curing migraines faster.

Green Teas help in soothing headaches as they have an extremely comforting warmth when consumed. The flavours of Green tea vary depending on how they have been processed or the place of their origin. 

Final Words

Consumption of tea has been an age-old ritual. Be it with family, an after-dinner hot beverage or just an evening tea. In this day and age of cut-throat competition, people have forgotten family time or the value of a cup of tea with a loved one. The need to rest and relax has been overshadowed by work pressure which in turn leads to lasting health issues mainly headaches. There is no permanent cure for it. But a cup of tea goes a long way. Be it herbal, black or infused tea, this hot beverage is considered to be the ultimate solution to cure headaches in the best way possible.

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