The absolute best tea for iced tea!

How about a cold, refreshing cup of tea on a warm summer day? Yes, yes, yes!

Ice tea refers to any form of tea that is ice cold. Iced tea started to become popular in the US and continued to grow in popularity when, on one hot day Richard Blechynden – added ice to his hot tea samples. The drink being a hit, iced tea has been a staple and major crowd-pleaser ever since. On a hot summer day, there’s nothing more refreshing like a chilling cup of tea. When you just cannot do without tea and you also need a refreshing, cool drink, iced tea is your savior. It is something that every tea lover is thankful for in the summer days and we thank the tea Gods too!

best tea for iced tea

Isn’t it extremely satisfying to know that you don’t have to stay away from your favorite tea even during hot summer days? Because you don’t always have to consume your tea steaming hot instead you need to discover ways to beat the heat and incorporate all your favourite flavors with your perfect iced tea! Having known the background of iced tea, a general question arises in our mind – Can all teas be made into iced tea? Or is it just some specific teas? Read till the end of this article to find out which is the best tea for iced tea or if you can add ice to your particular favourite tea as well.

Any standard or basic tea would make ice tea yet for a classic, delicious taste you should go for Black teas like English Breakfast or Assam. You don’t need to look for something fancy because you’re very own Black tea that is widely available can be used to make iced tea. We all already know that Black tea is made from the most oxidised leaves of the plant, Camellia sinensis. And it is due to this oxidation that the colour of the leaves turns from green to dark brown or blackish. This gives our Black tea a distinct musky, deep flavour that pairs perfectly with ice and other flavors or add-ins.

But a wide range of varieties of Black teas are available in the market so which one to go to make our tea tastier? We’d certainly say Earl Grey tea! This tea feels extra refreshing during summer because it is infused with bergamot oil which adds a floral, citrus flavour to the Black tea base. It is comparatively light in colour and has a remarkable smoothness and much less bitter taste than the other varieties of Black tea and this is what makes it extra refreshing.

Here’s a list of ingredients to make a simple yet super refreshing Iced tea!

  • Black tea-

We personally prefer loose Black tea leaves for making iced tea because the taste is enhanced and authentic when loose tea leaves are used.

  • Filtered water-

Since a large portion of the tea is water, we also have to pay attention to the quality of water because the taste of any tea is certainly dependent on the quality of the water used.

  • Sugar-

Finer sugar particles would dissolve easily and will give a smooth consistency to your tea.

  • Ice-

So, here is the protagonist! No explanation is needed to elucidate the importance of ice in “iced” tea.

The procedure is very simple and begins with the conventional method of preparing tea by making a hot tea concentrate. The next step is cooling the tea in the refrigerator which will take anywhere between 2-5 hours. Add in a few ice cubes, watch it melt as you get your chilled, refreshing, and exuberant drink.

best tea for iced tea

Iced Green tea

Are you health-conscious and you cannot compromise on consuming green tea every day? Green tea can also be used to make the tastiest iced tea you could’ve asked for. The innumerable benefits of Green tea (including lowering blood pressure and helping in weight loss) are known to everyone and your not wanting to skip on this tea is quite justifiable.

But during the sweltering summer months, a cup of hot Green tea may not sound too appealing. However, Green tea should not be obliterated from the diet entirely owing to its health benefits. Just because it’s summer, doesn’t mean you have to compromise on your health. Green iced tea is a winner in every way.

Iced tea is a much-loved drink already and with the Green tea twist, it gets a delicious flavour! Apart from being delicious and refreshing the Iced Green tea can be rustled up in a few minutes this being the best part about the tea. You just need to spare a few minutes from your day to make your day.

The Iced Green tea can be made in a similar way to the Iced Black tea. You just need to prepare the hot concentrate of Green tea, let it cool down a bit naturally, and then add few ice cubes to give it a cool touch.

You can also add a small lemon wedge or a couple of mint leaves for a superb flavour and aroma. Add some freshly squeezed citrus juices to the drink, to reap the ultimate flavor combination. You can also add about four coins of bruised ginger, rose petals, or coriander to give your tea an innovative touch.

Summing up

Isn’t it fun to be creative and to experiment with your teas? Iced tea is those types of teas that can be customised according to your choice. Add in whatever herbs or fruit slices you want to have in your tea and your tea gets customised according to you and you get your very own tea, a tea which feels familiar.

You don’t need any fancy tea to make the extremely refreshing iced tea instead what you need is just the ordinary Black tea that you have always been using as winter tea. Be ready to become everyone’s favorite as you serve this delicious brew. A cold glass of iced tea can instantly quench your thirst on blazing hot days.

Try out a tea in cold-brew style, steeping it in the fridge instead. The result? Mellower, more flavorful, and more revitalizing, definitely! Fancy a day when the sun is shining, you’ve got friends over, and a nicely-chilled drink to cool you all down? Well, look no further because Iced tea came into play for days like this. So if the sun’s outshining brightly and there’s a clear blue sky, then it’s iced tea time.

best tea for iced tea

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