Ever wondered the best time to have Green tea for weight loss? Read on!

Green tea is popularly known for its capability to boost up metabolism for faster weight loss. For centuries now, Green tea has been considered as an ideal beverage worldwide.

Underestimating and limiting the benefits of Green tea just for weight loss is wrong since it also has health benefits such as aiding digestion ailments, boosting immunity, calming the mind, and nerves for better cardiovascular and brain health. But sipping this tea all day long won’t help in quick weight loss.

The proven scientific facts are that the time we choose would determine if the cup of tea will have negative or positive effects on the body.

Best time to have Green tea

Best time to have Green tea

To have maximum benefits of Green tea for a healthy start it is important to have it at a suggested time. Scientific studies and theories suggest that the best time to have a cup of Green tea is in the morning and right before a workout session. A cup of this tea in the morning gives a healthy kick start to the day.

Green tea has caffeine and L-theanine. These both together can help to improve mood and enhance our concentration levels. Having a cup of Green tea before your workout will increase the fat burning during the workout session.

The caffeine content in Green tea-

The content of caffeine is a lot less in Green tea as compared to Black tea or coffee. 1 cup or about 230 ml of this tea contains 20-45 milligrams of caffeine. So with a substantial amount of energy, this tea also provides a whole lot of health benefits!

Precautions while having Green tea-

Green tea is loaded with antioxidants and polyphenols which are the key source of breaking cellulite and charging your metabolism. According to some nutritionists, 3 cups of Green tea are enough in a day and more than three cups can lead to dehydration due to the caffeine present in this true tea which will start eliminating essential elements from the body system.

Ideally, after the early morning cup, the second cup should be taken around 10 or 11 a.m. or in the evening and including a 3rd cup finally is certainly a healthy choice. But people who have sleep issues should avoid having Green tea in the evening as the caffeine content could hamper their sleep.

Green tea can also be consumed after having a meal or as a post-meal drink, as it is low in calories and it would make you feel satiated without giving a stuffy feeling. Make sure to not consume it right after a meal. Take a gap of at least one or two hours.

Best time to have Green tea

Making your cup of Green tea healthier

The researchers and scientists have come to the conclusion that the health benefits of Green tea are definitely enhanced when superfoods like Honey, lemon, or Apple are combined with it. Lemon and honey infused in Green tea helps with indigestion and bloating and make the process of weight loss easier and faster by providing better metabolism.

The superfoods should be paired with Green tea and should definitely be included in the morning routine and before the workout sessions. Having an apple or nutrient-rich dry fruits such as walnuts almonds and cashew nuts along with your tea will provide a sufficient amount of energy throughout the day.

A cup of Green tea in the morning will help you to stay awake and energetic throughout the hectic schedule and will manage to provide you with sufficient energy and sustain your body to work throughout the day. The antioxidants present in it will cleanse the palate and eliminate the toxins from the body.

Best time to have Green tea

Summing Up

There is no doubt that Green tea helps in faster weight loss but sipping this goodness at incorrect times throughout the day can cause health as well as sleep impairments. Research over the years has proven that three cups of Green tea all day long are sufficient enough to keep you hydrated, energetic, active, and also helps in cleansing the palate.

Excess amounts of anything can be harmful and that is true as a superfood like Green tea can also be harmful in some situations. You should make a smart choice for choosing an appropriate time for having this cup of tea and including it in your daily routine. The caffeine content in Green tea is less than any other regular tea or coffee but some amount of caffeine can also mean a lack of sleep in the night and can cause anxiety.

A person suffering from any sleep disorder should make sure that there is an appropriate gap of 6 hours after taking a cup of Green tea in the evening. Otherwise, this tea is delicious and packed with an abundance of benefits for the body so do not hesitate to make yourself a nice cup of this goodness today.

Best time to have Green tea

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