Let’s know about the delectable Blue lotus tea!!

The article name is definitely going to take you by surprise, is not it? Such is the aura of blue lotus tea! This holy blossom of the old Egyptians was utilized in gatherings and ceremonies for it’s tenderly euphoric and loosening up impacts. Thought about an erotic tonic and disposition sponsor, the Lotus was customarily absorbed wine and afterward delighted in as a refreshment, just as smoked in a line without anyone else or with other consecrated spices. Blue Lotus likewise makes an excellent and loosening up tea.

Let's know about the delectable Blue lotus tea!!

If you are wondering how to use Blue Lotus tea, here is our secret recipe to make u refreshing. So in this article, we’ll jump into all that you should think about this antiquated holy observance and contact on how it can help our clear dreaming practice.

What Is Blue Lotus Tea?

Blue Lotus tea is produced using the blue lily blossom known by the organic name Nelumbo nucifera. The blue water lily offers an inebriating aroma and is an excellent bloom that has been utilized in homegrown cures going back to the old Egyptians, Thais, and Syrians.

The blue lotus bloom was utilized by the old Egyptians as a component of festivities remembering the type of blue lotus wine. The blossom was viewed as the official bloom of the sun god Ra.

The blue lily is a water-developing plant where it drifts on a superficial level as its underlying foundations crash profoundly into the earth. The plant blossoms during the day and quits for the day night.

The blossom has been related to hallucinogenic impacts and clear dreaming, loaning to its cutting edge utilizes as a brain-changing beverage. Stay till the end to become familiar with the employment of blue lotus tea!

How to make blue lotus tea?

Blue Lotus Tea is as beautiful in taste as it is in its looks! It is a vibrant colored tea that makes you fall in love with it while preparing it.

Follow these simple steps to know how you can make the best blue lotus tea recipe right from your kitchen!


Tea leaves
Sugar, honey, or nectar (if needed)

How to make blue lotus tea:

  • STEP 1-boil some water in a saucepan.
  • STEP 2- Add 2 teaspoons of blue lotus tea to the boiling water.
  • STEP 3- let it steep for around 5-7 minutes.
  • STEP 4- Add nectar or sugar, if needed, and give it a stir.
  • STEP 5- pour it in your cups and appreciate this hallowed tea implantation!

Smoking Mix:

You can even add a pinch of blue lotus tea and mix it with your other most loved smoking spices for a tasty and euphoric curve. The blending of the lotus tea is the best you can ever come across!

Blue lotus flower tea

The blue lotus (Nymphaea caerulea), otherwise called blue water lily, is a lovely bloom that initially comes from old Egypt, where it was developed along the stream Nile. The plant had been of incredible otherworldly and social significance for the antiquated Egyptians, regularly showing up in craftsmanship and going about as an image of specific divinities.

Alongside that, it considered double to be a recreational medication, loved for its sexual enhancer and mellow psychoactive impact. Indeed, because of its prominence in old Egypt, some consider the blue lotus the main “party drug”.

Let's know about the delectable Blue lotus tea!!

There is significantly more to this intriguing blossom, be that as it may. We will walk you through all the different uses we have for the blue lotus tea to show you the amount we share practically speaking with the old Egyptians! We will even tell you the best way to develop and set it up yourself!

The tea is indeed an elegant looking tea with a charismatic aroma and drool-worthy taste! Tea lovers out there, if you have still not tried this tea, you are missing something from your life!

Health benefits of Blue lotus tea

Blue lotus tea was utilized in antiquated social orders in the Middle East much like yerba mate is utilized in South America. The tea offers a gentle, soothing feeling to the human body. One of the main reasons why it is consumed worldwide is because of the fact that it helps the human brain to relax!

  • Tranquilizer-

Blue lotus tea might be a successful tranquilizer on account of the presence of mixes including nuciferine and aporphine. These mixes offer antispasmodic impacts and a quieting impression that may assist with instigating a more serene rest. The antispasmodic impacts may likewise assist with mitigating gastrointestinal issues.

  • Lucid Dreaming-

Blue lotus tea is frequently utilized by people to incite or upgrade clear dreams. To accomplish these clear dreams, numerous individuals ingest the concentrate of the blue lily plant or add the blue blossoms to high temp water to blend a natural tea. You can likewise discover blue lotus tea sacks, which are promoted as a pressure reliever. The bloom petals can likewise be found for use in vapes or vaporizers.

  • Aphrodisiac-

Blue lotus concentrate may offer sexual enhancer impacts however current clinical exploration has not affirmed its utilization in this viewpoint. The plant has assumed a function in verifiable settings, especially in antiquated Egypt, where it was utilized as a feature of sexual services. The flavour of the blue lotus tea enhances the hormones in both males and females.

Blue Lotus tea Effects

The Blue Lotus tea is an inconspicuous plant and the impacts are not as weighty as you would anticipate from such an amazing substance. Even though you can very envision that drenched with some great wine, it would unquestionably have given a kick to those old Egyptian gatherings!

The blue lotus high gives a mellow feeling of peacefulness and elation, alongside a changed feeling of mindfulness. Its belongings broadly join very well with wine, which enlightens the social and euphoric viewpoint. Or on the other hand, you can take the blue lotus alone and focus on its capacity to upgrade reflective and thoughtful practices.

A few clients additionally report a lovely sentiment of warmth around the head and chest area and a fantasy-like inclination – as though the existence itself were a waking dream.

Final Words

The blue lotus bloom has been utilized for a great many years. But today, it is generally devoured as tea all over the world. Regardless of numerous narrative cases, there is no proof that it diminishes uneasiness, improves rest, or increment sexual excitements.

Here at TeaSwan, we advise you to experience this tea! There is no harm in trying out this exclusive tea once in your lifetime to get the essence of the popularly known blue lotus tea!

Let's know about the delectable Blue lotus tea!!

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