Does Earl Grey Tea Have Caffeine ?

Does Earl Grey Tea Have Caffeine ?

Earl Grey is a fancy and luxurious type of black tea that has a bold and elegant character. The article below is an all-you-need-to-know about Earl Grey Tea write-up. It will deflate all your questions like, ‘does Earl Grey black tea have caffeine?’ and much more.

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Earl Grey Tea - Caffeine Content, Varieties, Benefits and Risks!

What is Earl Grey Tea?

Earl grey tea is a beautifully blended black tea which is flavored with bergamot oil. The rich scented deluxe tea is integrated with extracts from the rind of the bergamot orange, which is a hybrid Sicilian citrus fruit of sweet lime and bitter orange, having an amalgamated impression of orange, lemon and grapefruit. One of the most recognized and popular teas, Earl Grey has a fashionable, unique and distinctly flavored palate. As every rightful black tea, the early grey leaves undergo the oxidation process which changes the chemical composition giving it a stronger seasoning.


The Earl Grey tea is native to Southeast Asia. It is now widely commercially grown in Southern Italy. However, the Earl Grey tea has been named after the British Prime Minister of the 1830s, Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey. Many legends go around regarding the origins of Earl Grey tea. One such tale is narrated by the Grey family. According to them a Chinese mandarin specially blended the tea for Lord Grey using bergamot citrus fruit to offset the taste of lime in local water. Lady Grey brought the recipe in London to serve guests. It got so popularized that it was then started being produced commercially.

Does Earl Grey tea have caffeine in it?

Many consumers are inquisitive about the caffeine content in black teas. Often the question lingers, “does earl grey tea have caffeine?”  Earl grey tea is considered the posh, upper-class beverage in the United Kingdom. The traditional Earl Grey black tea does contain caffeine.  The base ingredient of any Earl Grey Black tea is the caffeinated Camellia Synesis plant leaves.

How much caffeine does Earl Grey tea have?

The caffeine content would depend on the blend, on how the leaves were processed and other factors as well. The brewing method also affects the caffeine. If you steep it for more minutes, it will extract more caffeine. For instance, 5 minutes brewing time compared to a minute will increase the caffeine content from 50 to 100%. In a cup, a minute of steeping may provide 14 mg of caffeine, whereas 5 minutes may give 30 mg of caffeine or more.

Black Tea leaves are oxidized hence have a striking and sharp flavor and are increased in caffeine content compared to green and white teas. Earl Grey in general may even have more caffeine content than other black teas too. However, unlike coffee, Earl Grey teas have less caffeine. Nevertheless, there are decaf types of Earl Grey teas obtainable that are much less caffeinated and the herbal earl greys are exempt from caffeine.

Rooibos Earl Grey ( red bush), the African red tea made from the  South African Rooibos plant, like herbal tea is completely caffeine-free.

Does Twining’s Earl Grey Tea have caffeine?

Yes, the Twining’s Earl Grey tea carries caffeine content. Approximately 1 minute steep will give 19 mg of caffeine, 3 minutes will give 22 mg and 5 minutes of brewing offers 25 mg. Nonetheless, they have decaf versions of Earl Grey tea available too. The Twining’s Lady Grey dispenses more subtle and floral notes.


There are varieties of Earl Grey Teas fabricated and available in the market. Cornflower Lady Grey and Citrus Lady Grey are two such varieties produced by uniting cornflower and Seville Oranges with Earl Grey tea respectively. Stronger black tea blends are being processed like Ceylon’s which are suitable for consumption with milk and cream. For instance, the fascinating ‘London Bog’ is a fusion of Earl Grey steamed with vanilla syrup and milk.

Flowers like jasmine and other types are also being used as active ingredients to the Earl Grey to make a special blend. The French add rose petals to their Earl Grey. The Russians make a variety which is a combination of citrus peels and lemongrass. The bergamot essence is also being mingled with green and white tea leaves to be called Earl Green and Earl White respectively. The South Africans have a variety called Rooibos Earl Grey consumed as a herbal tea.

How is Earl Grey Tea made?

The black tea leaves are sprayed or coated with bergamot oil. This gives a more powerful character and strong notes to the tea. A more light and delicate taste is obtained by the addition of dried bergamot rinds to Earl grey tea leaves. The tea-manufacturers may add other elements like spices, herbs, and flowers as per their choice being flexible with the ratio. Its brewing process suffuses the citrus flavor. The Earl Grey Tea is even used to flavor cakes, chocolates, and sauces.

Earl Grey Tea - Caffeine Content, Varieties, Benefits and Risks!

Benefits of Earl Grey Tea

  • Heart Health

A noteworthy benefit of bergamot is that it may help to bring down the bad cholesterol levels and hence decrease blood pressure. Bergamot has flavonoids which might inhibit cholesterol producing enzymes. Thus overall, it may reduce the risk of cardiovascular diseases, blockages, etc. Consequently Earl Grey may aid to improve heart health.

  • Encourages Digestion

The flavonoids present in bergamot tea have the ability to reduce inflammation and hence on a whole may aid with digestion. Consumption of Earl Grey may help to prevent acid reflux and intestinal infections. The bergamot juice fight H. pylori bacteria linked to stomach ulcers. Overall Earl Grey may reduce intestinal inflammation.

Risks of Earl Grey Tea

Excessive consumption of bergamot tea may lead to a blockage of potassium absorption. Lower levels of potassium in the body may cause cramping and muscle twitching.


Earl Grey Tea - Caffeine Content, Varieties, Benefits and Risks!

Summing up

The article has acknowledged the query ‘does earl grey tea have caffeine in it’ and even discussed the varieties of Earl Grey Teas. The process and flavoring methods considered make Earl Grey a rich, strong, and distinctive tea!

Now that you have an idea to the question “does earl grey tea have caffeine?”, why not enjoy it to its maximum?

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