Does Tea Have Calories

Does Tea Have Calories?

Tea is a popular beverage and many people love to start their day with a cup of tea. Tea has been planted and cultivated for thousands of years and is often used as traditional medicine. Usually when you drink plain brewed tea then it does not contain any calories but if you make ready-to-make tea or you sweeten it or add flavors into it then it may contain calories and fats. Different types of tea have calories. This article will help you know which tea contains how many calories in it. 

Let’s Know Which Tea Have Calories

Does Tea Have Calories

No Calorie in Plain Tea

Plain tea is usually a calorie-free beverage. Plain tea is made by pouring hot water on tea leaves or the stems of the Camellia Sinensis plant. This aromatic and tasty infusion is usually devoid of calories unless you add sweeteners like honey or sugar. 

This happens with most teas when it is made by simply infusion without adding some other sweetener into it. Plain tea can be used as a substitute for sugar-sweetened beverages. Tea has many health benefits – it helps in improving heart health, assists in weight loss, and also reduces the risk of chronic diseases. 

Calories Present in Different Teas

Tea usually does not contain any amount of calories in it but the number of calorie increases in the tea if you add milk, sugar, or any other flavor like in the form of fruit can increase the amount of calorie in the tea.

Given are the teas which are popularly consumed by the people with the number of calories in them.

Does Tea Have Calories

Green, Black, Oolong, and White teas

These teas are made from the Camelia Sinesis plant. The leaves are fermented and oxidized to different levels to produce the different kinds of teas. 

Green tea is not made by fermenting the leaves. Oolong tea is usually made by partially fermenting the leaves of the Camellia sinensis plant. Black tea is made by fully fermenting the leaves of this plant. You can consider white tea to be a type of green tea as white tea is made with very little fermentation.

When these teas are prepared by pouring hot water on leaves then their calorie count is negligible. People use sugar or honey to sweeten these teas. Adding these sweeteners can increase the calorie in the tea in a large amount. 

If you add sugar to the tea then its calories will increase to about 16 calories per cup and if you add honey to this tea then its calories increase to an approximate value of 64 calories per cup.   

Herbal Teas

Herbal teas are made when we brew leaves, dried fruits, herbs, buds, or flowers of any plant except Camellia sinensis. Some popular herbal teas include peppermint, lavender, chamomile, and hibiscus. Like plain tea herbal teas also do not contain any calories in them. 

Even naturally sweet teas like hibiscus they have no calorie at all. Herbal teas are very popular for their therapeutic qualities. However, adding artificial sweeteners like honey or sugar will increase the calorie count of your tea. 

Milk Tea

This type of tea is usually made by taking an equal amount of tea with water and milk. Usually, people take whole milk because it adds extra creaminess to the tea. Milk tea is sweetened with sugar or honey and can contain spices like salt, cinnamon, and cardamom. Mostly milk tea is made with the help of black tea as it has a fantastic taste. 

If you are making 240ml of tea and adding 120 ml of cream milk them 75 calories from milk and extra depends on what sweetener you have used. But if you use skimmed milk then you can reduce calories to 42 calories. 

Tea Latte

When tea latte is made then the quantity is milk is more than the quantity of tea. For every portion of tea thrice the amount of milk is used to make latte tea. . Therefore this type of tea usually contains more calories as it contains more milk in it. This is very popular among tea chains. People love to drink tea latte because of its creaminess. Some people add flavored syrups in the tea latte which adds more calories to the tea. This tea contains approx 140 calories when added flavored syrups into it. Vanilla syrup is the most preferred flavored syrup with a tea latte. 

Iced and sweet teas

Iced and sweet teas have a good amount of calories in them. A typical cup of sweetened iced tea with lime syrup contains about 140 calories. The calories in the ice tea increase depending on the amount of sugar or honey you add to it. This tea is very popular among youngsters and has a high number of calories in it. If you want to avoid calories then you should prefer to stay away from iced and sweetened tea. 

Final Words 

Teas that are made directly by leaves are usually calorie-free such as black tea, green tea, and oolong tea among others. When you add milk, sugar, or honey to the tea its calorie count increases than normal. Adding flavored syrups can also cause the calorie count of your tea to skyrocket. If you want to intake fewer calories then you should go with plain tea because it does not contain any calories.

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