English Breakfast Tea

English Breakfast Tea

English Breakfast tea is very popular around the globe. There is nothing more refreshing than having a cup of tea and a tasty breakfast which helps to start your day in a more energetic and comforting way. English breakfast tea helps a person to start his day with a more refreshing feeling. The English breakfast tea has been enjoyed by people due to its comforting and smooth taste and its various health benefits.

What is English breakfast tea?

English breakfast tea is a blend of black teas sourced from different states in Assam, Cylon and, Kenya. This tea is most popular with British and Irish culture. English breakfast tea is a black tea blend that goes well with milk and sugar, in a style traditionally associated with a hearty English breakfast. It has a very pleasant aroma which often makes the environment filled with positive vibes. It has the aroma of freshly cut plants and vegetables and the more fermented the leaves the more strong the aroma will be. Depending on the person who makes its taste may be slightly sweet, bitter, or malty.

Health Benefits of English breakfast tea

English breakfast tea contains antioxidants that prevent damage in your cells and hence prevent you from many diseases. Drinking English breakfast tea can prevent you from the risk of diseases such as:

  •  heart disease
  •  Stroke
  •  Diabetes
  •  cancer

Why one should drink English breakfast tea

  • Heart Health –

Health is a vital part and the most important part of the human body, and it should work properly for long life. But due to some issues, its working can be interrupted. English breakfast tea helps the heart to function properly by giving flavonoids that keep our heart healthy.  The black teas that form English breakfast tea contain flavonoids that help to keep the heart more healthy. Regular consumption of flavonoids also reduces the risk of coronary heart disease, in addition to lowering blood pressure and cholesterol. 

  • Lower Cholesterol –

High cholesterol is dangerous for one’s health. Everyone should keep a proper check on their cholesterol level and should take a  proper diet that helps them to keep their cholesterol level under control. English breakfast tea has antioxidants in it which help to regulate cholesterol levels in one’s body. Antioxidants present in English breakfast tea helps to lower cholesterol. Theaflavin and the arubigins which are present in the English breakfast tea cause glucose decline in the body, which helps to lower cholesterol. 

  • Healthier Bones and Blood

English breakfast tea contains almost no calories and zeroes sugar if you do not add milk or sugar to it, and this quality of this tea makes it a perfect choice for those who are suffering from diabetes and anyone who is very conscious about their caloric intake. This tea helps the body to create new blood cells as it contains vitamin C. English breakfast tea is important for bones as well as it contains Magnesium and phosphorus. A study has also proved that people with coronary artery issues experienced improved circulation after drinking black English breakfast tea.  

  • Combating Cancer and Kidney Stones –

English black breakfast tea helps to fight and prevent cancer. A study published that there is a chemical present in this tea that helps to induce cancer cells to self-destruct without harming normal cells. English breakfast tea also helps to fight against kidney stones. People having problems with kidney stones should drink English breakfast tea on regular basis.

  • Increase attention and focus –

English breakfast tea contains the amino acid named L-theanine. This acid when combines with caffeine help to improve the concentration power and helps the person to relax. As long as you drink this tea you are going to enjoy its benefits.

  • Reduces the Risk of Stroke –

Studies have found that drinking black tea helps to reduce the risk of stroke. Stroke is the second biggest reason for death worldwide. Research proved that the person who drinks English breakfast tea regularly their risk of stroke has been reduced.

Recipe of English Breakfast tea

Ingredients –

  • 4 cups of water
  • ½ cup of milk
  • 2 tbsp of Teafloor’s high-quality English Breakfast Tea leaves
  • 1-2 Teaspoon of Honey
  • A pinch of cinnamon

Instructions –

  1. Take fresh cold water and boil it.
  2. Use this boiling water to heat your teapot by rinsing it with the water.
  3. Add one tsp for each cup of English Breakfast Tea leaves in the teapot.
  4. Pour the boiling water over it.
  5. Let the tea leaves infuse in the water by steeping them for 3-5 minutes.
  6. Add the amount of milk according to your preference.
  7. If you find your tea bitter, add 1 small teaspoon of honey.
  8.  Add some cinnamon powder to garnish it.
  9. And finally, pour the tea into the cups you have to enjoy its essence.

What goes best with English breakfast tea?

English breakfast tea mostly contains caffeine which makes it the best substitute for coffee in the morning. As it is a strong tea it can be eaten with creamy dessert or some heavily spiced food. One can have pancakes with whipped cream and fruits on them. You can also have toast with English breakfast tea. All those who do not want to have a heavy breakfast can have pastries with the tea, this is also a very good combination which one can have to start a day.

Final Words

As after knowing all about the health benefits of English breakfast tea, it happens to be a low-calorie, non-sweetened beverage that will be beneficial to many people. As it contains plenty of antioxidants it will provide various health benefits. This tea helps to control cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure. Its strong flavor and its fresh aroma in the air make the morning more refreshing. One more quality about English morning tea is that it is easy to make. 

If you have not tried this tea before, it is worth drinking and you are going to unwrap many health benefits of it.

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