Expensive Tea

Let’s Know Everything About Expensive Tea!

The tea that we drink is mostly considered to be an alternative healthy beverage that has a wide range of health benefits. But not every tea is affordable. The blend, organic taste, and manufacturing process are what make the quality of the tea very valuable. The price of 1kg tea-leaves ranges widely, some are too cheap and some too expensive to buy. Let’s know about some expensive tea.

Most Expensive Tea

There is a huge number of costliest teas present which is known for their specialty in its manufacturing quality but some of the most expensive tea in the world is way beyond the quality you have ever tasted before as they are harvested from some special mountain plants which aren’t found in every place.

So, what is the most expensive tea in the world? 

And the answer is given below…..

expensive tea


Some of the world’s most Expensive Tea

  • Da Hong Pao
  • PG Tips Diamond Tea Bag
  • Panda Dung Tea
  • Vintage Narcissus
  • Tieguanyin Tea

Da Hong Pao Tea

This traditional Chinese-origin oolong tea is so extremely expensive that it has been named the ‘King of Tea’ as only a few percentages of the world can afford the tea with a price tag of about $600,000 per pound or about 8.5 crores of Indian Rupees per kilogram.

Why is Da Hong Pao tea so expensive?

The tea is so expensive because of its production and unique quality. The high-quality Da Hong Pao tea is brewed from the rare Mother Da Hong Pao tea trees which are considered to be on a brink of extinction with only six mothers Da Hong Pao trees left in the whole world. So being brewed from a rare species can be very expensive. 

The Da Hong Pao tea is so strong that it can withhold its flavor even after nine steepings when brewed and that it is considered to be an amazing natural health booster for health problems like edema, water retention, cough, and phlegm. It also aids in losing weight and curing skin problems.

PG Tips Diamond Tea Bag

The PG Tips Diamond tea bag is the most expensive in the world for $15,000 per tea-bag. The teabag was produced to commemorate the 75th birthday wish of the United Kingdom’s famous tea brand ‘Pre-Gest-Tee’ or rather known as PG Tips. But the initial purpose for the making of this costly tea bag was to invite donations for charity support in cash for the Royal Manchester Children’s Hospital in England.

Why is the teabag so expensive?

The tea bag is designed with 2.56-carat diamonds of about 280 diamonds on the sides and inside of the teabag. It is also decorated with silver on the string which is looking attractive and also so expensive to brew. The diamonds embedded in the tea bag are the reason that makes the tea so expensive.

Panda Dung tea

As the name speaks for itself, the tea is grown with the help of the panda’s excreta. The tea plant was first grown on the Ya’an Mountain of China province by a businessman who used the dung of the nearby Giant Panda breeding center. The first batch produced from this plant is considered to be pure and expensive to sell for $3,500 per 50grams.

Why is the tea made from Panda’s dung so expensive?

The tea grown is considered to be organic with the use of Panda’s dung as a fertilizer. Much more facts that prove the tea to be so expensive are that of high-quality health benefits it can offer as it is shown that the increment has more than 70% of the nutrients on it and the rest 30% is absorbed by the panda. Plus the number of pandas is decreasing day by day which will make the animal rare in the coming days.

Vintage Narcissus Tea

The Shui Xian or the Vintage Narcissus Tea is a famous mountainous oolong tea that has been on tour for years, and which brews a rich deep amber color and has a significant and delightful aroma. The tea was bought by a tea-collector at around $6,500 (4, 71,329.95 INR) per kilogram.

What makes the tea so expensive?

The Wuyi Oolong tea has become history as it has been exported from China to Singapore in a 50-year-old box that the original taste has completely changed from other variety teas. It tastes like a blend of delicate flavors that are packed in one.  The flavor tastes much better when kept for a longer period.

Tieguanyin Tea

Originated from China this oolong tea is also an expensive tea that was named after a Chinese Goddess of Mercy. The tea has rich high-quality varieties that are grown in the spring and autumn seasons which need to be processed and harvest professionally to get the perfect taste.

Why is it so expensive?

The tea was considered expensive when it was sold at around $3000 for 1kilogram in the United Kingdom market. The tea can be brewed at least seven times to make drinks without losing its soothing flavor.

Expensive Tea

Expensive Tea sets

The tea sets are also considered to bring a special taste when tea leaves are brewed and steeped. And for making such expensive teas, the ordinary teapot sets won’t be much of a good presentation. So, to adjust the prestige quality of premium tea leaves some expensive tea sets are also made.

    The top three most expensive tea sets;

  1. The Half-Figure Service Meissen porcelain tea set-

This is the finest Meissen porcelain ever made in the world. With a price tag of about £541,250, the eight-piece tea set was sold on a London auction. The set contains a milk jug, sugar bowl, beakers, saucers, tiny tea bowls, hexagonal tea canister, and cover.

       2. The Westinghouse Set-

It is also called the Tiffany ‘Japanese style’ tea set. This silver tea set is crafted with a mix of insects such as butterflies and dragonflies on the outside and is molded by Japanese gold on the inside. The set comprises a sugar bowl, creamer, teapot, coffee pot, waste bowl, hot milk jug, and a kettle which was decorated on a lampstand. The tea set fetched an amount of around $380,000.

        3. Chinese Silver-Gilt Tea Service-

This tea set was once a belonging of Queen Juliana of Netherlands that comprises of a rectangular casket with three caddies, a teapot on a stand, two bowls with covers and stand, an oval box with cover on a stand, a sugar bowl, a pair of sugar tongs, twelve bowls/saucers on a stand, twelve cups and twelve teaspoons. The tea set has an incredible floral pattern that sums up its price around €204,750.


Some teas can be very expensive depending on the quality and rare production. These expensive teas are mainly a product of the Chinese mountain areas in which the tea plants are rare to grow throughout the world.  And speaking of the expensive tea, the tea set used should also be a match to brew such expensive tea. Nature is such a boon to the world that it is providing us with the most incredible products that can nourish and as well help with our health problems.

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