The Amazing and Relishing Flowering Tea!

Tea is something that drains away all our stress and boosts us up for a new challenging day.

As many of us get perplexed on what choice of tea to go for as finding the perfect tea according to your health is quite difficult. The changing seasons bring with them a series of diseases so first finding the perfect cup for your health is the need of the hour. So, why not go for the savouring flowering tea?

This tea will leave you stunned with its variety of benefits plus it is caffeine-free, so that means no disturbance in sleeping schedule! Flowers are not only beautiful but they carry a bunch of benefits wrapped in them. So infusing flowers in a cup of tea is the best choice to go for.

Lets know more about Flowering tea

All these flowers are really helpful, if you are sniffing and having congestion in your chest, then blooming tea should be in your routine. As the Green Tea adds up to the benefits and makes it enticing and is really helpful for cancer suffering patients as the antioxidants protect the DNA and fight with cancer cells.

Why run to a doctor if you can add a prescription-free flowering tea to your routine and practice being healthy?

Blooming Flowering Tea

Flowering Tea or Blooming Flowering Tea is widely popular for its flavor and appearance. Flowering Tea is a bundle of dried tea leaves wrapped around dried flowers. It consists of various edible flowers with green or black tea leaves made into a bulb. It has typically originated from Yunnan, China and there are a lot of modern modifications happening but it traditionally originated from China.

You can add Green or Black or White Tea according to your taste. As all the three go well with the blooming flowering tea.

And some research has shown that drinking Flowering Tea increases brain functioning. Even it is beneficial for people with joint and muscular problems as it is anti-inflammatory. Another big wow factor is it is a diuretic and detoxifier, which helps in cleaning out the toxins from your kidney and liver. This is because the Blooming Tea has a decent content of antioxidants, which not only helps remove toxins rather help your body fight them!

So all the mentioned health benefits of Flowering Tea stands as a reason to convince you of trying this delicate tea!

Flowering Tea Balls

Flowering tea is dried and made into balls and packed for its golden goodness. To revive their potential, all you have to do is put them in boiling water and let the magic happen. The leaves and the flowers will unleash their beauty slowly and reveal the flavor into the water, which will look like a flower blooming in water! All of this procedure is aesthetic and that’s what makes this tea a true delicacy!

Various flowers are used in making the flowering tea ball such as Jasmine, Chrysanthemum, Hibiscus, Lilies, etc.

Chrysanthemums are really helpful for your acne and can help you get glowing skin. Lilies will never fail to get you a good sleep and Roses are good for your blood circulation.

These flowers are not only elegant but have multiple benefits at the same time!

Chinese Flowering Tea

This herbal tea is a treat for all tea lovers! If you are a tea lover or searching for your perfect tea, then this is a delight for you! Chinese Flowering Tea has a lot to offer to everyone with a bundle of benefits and even for people who love to learn about tea culture.

Chinese Flowering Tea was excellently rolled into bulbs and made first by the Chinese.

Lets know more about Flowering tea

History of Chinese Flowering Tea

Flowering Tea also known as Artisan Tea, was first made for its beautiful appearances but later on, the Chinese used better quality tea leaves, and often high-quality tea leaves are brewed now. Flowering Tea signifies harmony, long life, and health.

This beautiful tea has made its way from China and then in these times, it’s widely famous for its enchanting aroma and benefits.

Blooming Teas are made from premium quality leaves and especially the sweet and delicate aroma is obsessing!

Jasmine Flowering Tea

Jasmine Flowering Tea is another skillful effort of the Chinese Artisans who weave fresh flowers to tea leaves and make them look beautiful and delicious. It has to be steeped in hot water and slowly the petals and tea leaves unfurl making it look like a blooming flower. The aroma and the enticing taste feel tantalizing and especially the beautifully woven tea leaves are beautiful. Also, it is really helpful if you get bad breaths and in regulating the blood pressure.

How to make Flowering Tea?


  • 1 Flowering Tea Ball
  • A glass Teapot
  • 32 Ounces/4Cups of water
  • Tea Kettle


  • Add water at a temperature according to the tea (white, green, or black). For example, if the tea is black then boil the water properly, and in the case of white tea keep the temperature should be moderate that is not boiling.
  • Place one flowering tea ball in a clear glass teapot.
  • Then pour the water into the glass teapot and let it uncurl for 3-5 minutes as it blooms into a flower.
  • Steep the tea for another 3 minutes the longer you steep the more it’ll get darker and robust.
  • Now you’re beautiful and flavored tea is ready to serve.

Also, note that you can re-steep the tea 2-3 times but the flavor will get less intense each time and it depends on the brand and quality of the product.

Final Words

Flowering Tea is not just known for its beauty but also because of its surprising health benefits that stand as the pioneered reason for you to add this tea to your regime! This Chinese Tea is a blessing to all of us and the aroma won’t fail to leave you ecstatic. So yes, flowering tea is the perfect tea for a Sunday House party or a Blooming Tea gift set is another amazing choice, which you can give your loved ones on their special days and make these days remarkable just like those Chinese Artisans who made such an amazing tea!

Lets know more about Flowering tea

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