Is Green Tea Is Good For Your Skin?? Let's Read Its Excellent Benefits!!

Green Tea Benefits For Skin?? Let’s Read Its Excellent Benefits!!

As the tea industry grew in fame over the years, so did all the different varieties of tea. Nowadays, there is no such tea variety that is not available in the local stores. Green tea is one such very popular tea that is being used by the people for its excellent brew and benefits throughout countries.

‘Green tea for skin’ is a hot topic among the ladies and should be discussed more often because it does provide nourishment for the skin. And in this blog, you will get to know all the green tea benefits for skin.

What is Green tea?

Is Green Tea Is Good For Your Skin?? Let's Read Its Excellent Benefits!!

Green tea is a type of tea produced from the Camellia sinensis plant (also known as tea plants) that differs from Black teas and Oolong teas due to its withering or oxidation process. Green teas are not allowed to fully oxidize that makes this tea type a more natural variant and less processed. After harvesting, the Green tea leaves are quickly steamed or heated over a fire to prevent too much oxidation, keeping intact the fresh green color from turning into brown that could alter their flavor and texture. This helps to preserve all its natural advantages and benefits.

Is Green tea good for your skin?

The answer is yes, Green tea is good for skin and that remains the case for all skin types. You do not have to worry about your “too oily” or “too dry” skin. Green teas work wonders to help you maintain the health of your skin. There are a few different ways to using green tea for the skin, one of them being, you can add drinking Green tea in your regular diet or in your morning tea routines; another being, applying Green tea masks on your face regularly.

What does Green tea do for your skin?

Since green teas are less processed, they retain all their natural properties more and help to maintain the “healthy skin looks” without fail. Green teas are best known for their antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, these key features help in reducing skin irritation, rashes, redness and swelling. Due to its anti-inflammatory properties, applying green tea masks over minor cuts and irritated skin areas can give you a soothing feeling. In the same way, it might also help in soothing sunburns. Many studies and research papers have indicated topical green teas to be an effective remedy for some dermatological/skin conditions.

Benefits of Green tea for the skin

  • Therapeutic properties: In a 2018 study, it was found that the major polyphenol EGCG in Green teas displayed a broad range of therapeutic properties, namely, antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, anti-diabetic, anti-bacterial, antimicrobial etc. These therapeutic properties provided by Green tea soothe the skin of your body from inflammations, rashes, redness and skin itching. The abundant antioxidants and polyphenols present in these teas will also reduce the proportion of harmful substances existing in the body and will help to flush out the unwanted component Thus, an advantageous addition to your diet will be the regular consumption of green tea for skin.
  • Treating oily skin and acne: The polyphenol EGCG is also anti-androgenic (androgen is a hormone produced by our bodies, high or fluctuating levels of androgen stimulates greater production of sebum from the sebaceous/sweat glands) and aids in lowering lipid levels.

Acne is caused due to clogged pores in the skin which is a result of excess sebum or sweat secretion from the skin. Drinking green tea regularly would help to keep a balance of the fluctuating androgen levels, consequently, reducing sebum and sweat secretion. The reduction in the secretion of excess oil from your skin will prevent acne development and bacterial growth. Hence, green tea for your skin is a healthy habit needed to be maintained.

A 2016 study included a number of participants who were given 1500 mg of green tea extracts every day for 4 weeks. By the end of the study, the participants showed a significant reduction in the number of red skin bumps or acne.

  • Slows down skin ageing: The regular usage of Green teas, be it applying green tea masks or its consumption, makes your skin healthier and sturdier, thereby helping your skin to handle the ageing process better. The powerful compound EGCG has the ability to combat DNA damage from UV rays (too much sun exposure), this indicates, it is also a potential anti-ageing component that prevents signs of ageing and wrinkles.
  • Supplement for Vitamin E and B2: Green tea contains both the vitamins E and B2 in abundance. Vitamin E supports the skin by stimulating skin cell growth and development and aids in skin hydration, providing proper nourishment and moisture. Whereas vitamin B2 plays an essential role in your body by maintaining the collagen levels, this allows the skin to look younger and firm.
  • Eye treatment: If you experience puffiness around your eyes, Green tea might be the right choice for you. Caffeine and tannins found in green teas might help the blood vessels around the eyes to shrink, thus treating puffiness and dark circles. You can either use Green tea eye creams or face masks for this purpose.

Is Green Tea Is Good For Your Skin?? Let's Read Its Excellent Benefits!!

How to make Green tea face masks?


  • 1 green tea bag or 1 teaspoon green tea powder
  • 1 tablespoon of baking soda or granulated sugar
  • 1 tablespoon of Honey
  • Few drops of lemon juice
  • Water
  • A mixing bowl or container

Steps to be followed:

  • If using a teabag, boil the green tea in water and let it sit for about an hour until it cools off. Break the bag open and put the green tea leaves in a bowl.

If using green tea powder, take 1 teaspoon of it in a bowl.

  • In the bowl, add baking soda/sugar, honey and lemon juice. Mix them well and add a few drops of water to create a fine paste. The consistency of the paste should not be too runny or too thick.
  • Clean your face thoroughly before applying.
  • Dry your skin and then apply an even layer of paste all over your face.
  • Leave the mask on for 10 to 15 minutes, at the end gently rub it over to exfoliate dead skin and cells
  • Rinse off with cold water.
  • Apply green tea face masks at least thrice a week for best results.


The area around our eyes tends to be very sensitive, so be extra careful while applying such face masks or eye creams. Do not rub the products harshly, gently apply it with a finger. Keep in mind to clean your face and hands, remove contact lenses and any makeup on your face, and keep out any liquid from your eyes.

Stop using if you experience itchiness, redness or irritation on your skin. Always consult your doctor before following any skincare.


Therefore, we can happily conclude that green tea for the skin is a beneficial item and should be tried at least once in our lives. With all the excellent therapeutic properties provided by green tea, one can not neglect how amazing it is for our skin and bodies. The benefits of green tea for skin should be observed and shared by all those who have gained from it.

Is Green Tea Is Good For Your Skin?? Let's Read Its Excellent Benefits!!

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