5 Science-based health benefits of Black tea that you will find surprising!!

Known mostly for its refreshing flavours, this tea is a perfect substitute for coffee. It derives its origin from Camellia sinensis leaves. It is the most oxidised tea among the teas we know of and therefore has high caffeine content but it has very low calories. The leaves have black or rather dark brown colour because the cell wall establishes a continuous contact with the oxygen present in the air. In India, Black tea is majorly produced in Assam and Darjeeling.

health benefits of Black tea

How to brew loose Black tea leaves

Making Black tea is quite easy, Here, are the steps to make Black tea:

  • Use 3 grams of Black tea per 6 ounces of water.
  • Boil the water to an optimum temperature range of 190°F to 212°F. It is usually observed that boiling water to this temperature brings out the right balance of tannins and better flavours.
  • Let the tea steep in the water from 3 to 5 minutes. Steeping the tea above the given time may bring bitterness or change in flavours.
  • Use a strainer or infuser to remove the tea leaves. In case you don’t have an infuser, use a double cup method, coffee filter method, slotted spoon method, or traditional Gaiwan method. And there you have it, a perfect cup of Black tea.

Health benefits of Black tea

There are numerous health benefits of Black tea. Here we list the important ones:

  • Beneficial for Heart-

It is observed that the risk of heart diseases can be reduced by 11% by the intake of Black Tea since this tea is infused with flavonoids. Studies suggest that flavonoids are very beneficial for the heart as they are said to reduce heart diseases including cholesterol, high blood pressure, obesity, and others.

  • Rich in Antioxidants-

Black tea has antioxidants and other groups of polyphenols such as Catechins, theaflavins, thearubigins, and others. These antioxidants play an important role in making Black tea healthy tea.

  • Reduces Sugar levels-

High blood sugar level often leads to failed kidney, anxiety, the increased fat percentage in body and others. Black tea helps in this case. Studies prove that Black tea has a positive effect on insulin present in the human body. Black tea is said to increase the activity of insulin almost 14 to 15 times.

health benefits of Black tea

  • May help in preventing cancer-

According to research an antioxidant present in Black tea – Polyphenols may reduce the risk of cancer. Polyphenol is known to destroy cancer cells whereby replacing them with healthy cells. Therefore, Black tea may help in fighting cancer and promoting cell growth.

  • Makes a person more alert-

Black tea is a perfect substitute for coffee. The caffeine present in Black tea often helps in increasing focus as well as makes a person more alert. This happens mostly due to the presence of a moderate amount of caffeine and amino acid.

Health benefits of Black tea with lemon

Black Tea and lemon are perfect together. Lemon enhances the taste of Black tea. Surprisingly, Black tea and lemon have various health benefits other than great taste. Both Black Tea and lemon are diuretics that prevents bloating. This is because lemon with Black tea curbs water retention.

Due to the high population in recent years, there are high demands for detox drinks to make the mind and body fresh. People often struggle with complicated recipes such as Dragon fruit syrup, apricot, and chia seeds, on the other hand, is a great detoxifying agent. Black tea and lemon refresh the mind and body.

Lemon and Black tea is an excellent source of nutrition and antioxidants. They help in fighting cellular rust ultimately leading to a healthy and fit life. Drinking Black tea with an empty stomach in the morning improves the gut health of the consumer.

It also removes all the problems caused due to dehydration. It also helps the consumer to deal with acidity thereby helping indigestion. It also works for the removal of toxins and other radical elements. Black tea with lemon has also proved to be effective for sore throat.

Therefore, people who are wishing to gain some benefits from their daily tea must include Black tea in their diet as it is good in both tastes as well as has great health benefits.

health benefits of Black tea

Black tea vs Green tea

Green tea and Black tea have quite similar benefits. Ki Won Lee, Hyong Joo Lee, and Chong Yong Lee, in their research work, Journal of Nutrition 134(4) state that ” Drinking Black tea has benefits equal to those of drinking Green tea. They possess at least the same antioxidants potency as Catechins present in Green tea” Green tea, as well as Black tea, have numerous health benefits, it is said that both the teas have a positive impact on the immune system, digestive system, cardiovascular system, and others.

The differences that lie between them are on the grounds of caffeine content and the process of production. Black tea is oxidized more in comparison to Green tea which leads to an increase in the caffeine content of Black tea.

People often choose Green tea over Black tea because of its high caffeine content. People who are sensitive or allergic to caffeine usually go for Green tea.

Therefore, it can be said that Black tea has almost equal benefits as Green tea.

Black tea benefits for hair

Another surprising benefit of Black tea is that it is quite beneficial for hair and improves hair quality. Black tea is very effective in preventing hair fall. The hormone DTH which causes hair fall is blocked by Black tea. It makes the hair follicles strong and strengthens the root.

Black tea can easily penetrate into the scalp and generate reinvigorating energy. It also acts as a natural shield and protects the hair from the damages caused due to the harsh rays of the sun. According to the International Journal of Dermatology 52(7), ” Ethosome present in hair dye products have major compounds of Black tea extracts”.

Therefore, Black tea enhances the colour of the hair. It also adds shine to dull and dry hair. Using Black tea liquor after shampooing makes the hair look shiny thereby improving the hair quality.

Summing Up

Black tea has numerous benefits. Since it is natural it has minimum side effects. It is not necessary that it has a positive effect on every consumer because it depends on the body type of the consumer. The consumer can be sensitive to caffeine, in that case, Black tea may not affect but this rarely happens, Black tea is a great choice for tea lovers!

health benefits of Black tea

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