Top 5 Amazing Health Benefits of Chai Tea

Chai Tea is commonly termed as Masala Chai a spiced up combination of all-powerful like Ginger, Cardamom, Cinnamon, and Cloves which is often brewed with some milk or water.
It is also been observed that many people prefer Chai over Coffee or Lattes with some sugar added to it for sweetened texture.
Do you know the Chai Tea not only spice up your mood but carries a lot of health benefits with it. So, today we are gonna discuss the Chai Tea health benefits.

Health Benefits of Chai Tea

Chai Tea may not be consumed by most of us as a medicinal beverage but there are Chai Tea health benefits.
The health benefits of Chai Tea which you can observe if you drink it daily

Health Benefits of Chai Tea

Helps to Improve your Digestion 

Many studies represent that Chai Tea and its essential ingredients like Cinnamon, Cloves, Black Pepper have an antibacterial property that may improve the digestion system of the body.
Even Healthline also highlighted the fact that Ginger is added to a certain amount is an everyday cup of tea it can be beneficial to some extent.

Keeps you away from Heart Diseases

By a study conducted in the United Kingdom in 2007 – the consumption of three cups of Black tea being the main essential of Chai tea has decreased the risk of developing Coronary Heart disease.
Even Cinnamon tends to control Cholesterol and reduce Blood Pressure. Which states some great benefits of Chai tea.

May help you stabilize the Blood Sugar levels

Several studies state the potentiality of Chai tea which may be able to help to reduce the Blood Sugar level of both type 2 diabetes patients as well as Insulin Resistance. This can happen due to the presence of cinnamon in it.

May help you to balance your Hormones

It is observed that drinking Chai tea might lower even balance Estrogen levels in the body and decrease the information process.
As reported by Time that one can actually ‘ change how DNA is expressed’. A study published in Human Molecular Genetics – women who drank tea and observed Epigenetic changes in almost different 28 different regions.

Chai Tea Benefits for Weight Loss

If your concern is that having Chai Tea with Milk might increase your body weight them let me clarify instead it will act as a Protein to your drink and help you to lose weight.
Having Black tea for more than three months can be seen to be effective in losing weight. There are a few more surprising health benefits of Chai Tea.

Some Checks you need to know

Health Benefits of Chai Tea

There are a bunch of health Chai Tea benefits that you can experience if you make it your daily dose.
But it doesn’t make it to be a beverage with no risk. Chai Tea is Caffeinated. Consumption of Caffeine in a huge amount and that to be in a daily manner it can negatively affect your body like –

  • Insomnia
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue
  • Even in extreme conditions Kidney failure.

This is a fact that all these risks will only take place you get habituated with too much consumption of Caffeine otherwise Chai Tea is fit to be a Daily beverage.

Will Chai Tea be your Cup of Tea?

Tea has always been the most simple and easy medicinal remedy to many such diseases. Different Tea promotes different health benefits which are surprising but very helpful. But all come with some dos and don’t.

Chai tea be a cup of tea
The same goes for white Chai Tea if you consume it in a proper amount with all checks kept in mind it can be beneficial. If you overdose it is can act negatively on your body.
So whether you want to be on the side of Chai Tea health benefits or Chai Tea side effects it’s completely your personal choice.


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