6 Astounding health benefits of Chamomile tea! A tea you shouldn’t miss!

How about a fusion of the most loved drink of folks – Tea with the most enraptured object for humans – Flowers? The concoction of Chamomile tea is essentially a result of an herb from the daisy-like flowers of the Asteraceae plant family. If you ought to consume a drink, specifically a tea that is low on caffeine, Chamomile tea is a tea you can count on. Aside from its pleasant and satisfying taste, this tea has shown to have numerous health benefits. In addition to this, its aroma creates an unwinding effect, which lets you loosen up and relax.

Genesis and Creation of Chamomile Tea

Chamomile is a Greek word, which means “ground apple.” Ancient Greek, Roman, and Egyptian cultures first adopted Chamomile tea as a cold remedy. The herbs and flowers that help make the tea are first dried up and then infused into hot water to extract the most delicate quality Chamomile ever!

Health benefits of Chamomile tea

6 health benefits of Chamomile Tea

What are the health benefits of Chamomile tea? The answer is “shedloads of benefits.” The benefits of Chamomile tea are innumerable. From benefits for our skin to sleep benefits, there are many health benefits of drinking Chamomile tea.

  • Improves Sleep Quality

Chamomile tea has many salient properties that may contribute to improving your sleep quality. The antioxidants and flavonoids in Chamomile tea may help relax your brain cells and improve the persistent helplessness of sleep. It also lacks in caffeine content, which makes it suitable for consumption just before you sleep. A hearty cup of this one 45 minutes before you sleep will be perfect for you.

  • Revamps Digestion

The key to a smooth life is good digestion. Chamomile tea is said to potentially debar the growth of ulcers in the stomach, which leads to degraded digestion. Significant pieces of evidence show that Chamomile tea may be an excellent source to prevent gastrointestinal problems, thus encouraging a healthy stomach.

  • May Protect from some types of Cancers

According to some studies, the antioxidant in Chamomile helps fight cancer cells, which heal cancers like breast, skin, uterus, etc. The studies show that chamomile helps in the prevention of cancer as well. Although most of these studies have been conducted on animals and not on humans, more research and conclusive evidence are needed to figure out Chamomile’s role in cancer prohibition.

  • Regulates Diabetes

The secretion of insulin from the pancreas supervises the blood’s sugar content, which brings us to good pancreatic functioning. The anti-inflammatory properties of Chamomile have been shown to help improve pancreatic health and it also lowers the sugar level in the blood.

  • Cures Cold

Infections similar to cold that frequently occur due to weather changes by coming in contact with dust or eating ice cream on a cold night (I know it is irresistible), need more home remedies. Chamomile as a health benefit also helps in curing a cold and the receptor-binding properties also help you relax when you have an infection. Sipping one hot cup of Chamomile tea may result in the smooth flow of breathing repeatedly; it may also cure the runny nose. Apart from drinking Chamomile tea, one can even inhale the steam diffused from it.

  • Eases Menstrual Cramps

Period cramps are proved to cause pain equal to that caused by a minor heart attack. Chamomile tea has reflective properties, which relaxes the uterus and helps in relieving the pain caused. It may also help in reducing the anxiety caused while menstruating.

Health benefits of Chamomile tea

Who should avoid Chamomile Tea?

The health benefits of drinking Chamomile tea are colossal in number. Still, one great thing doesn’t benefit all. This flavorsome tea is not suitable for all too but Chamomile tea undoubtedly happens to be one of the safest teas. However, a person may not have a good experience if he/she is sensitive to this specific plant or plant family.

In addition to this, Chamomile may also cause eyes or skin irritation if brought directly in contact with someone who is allergic to the flower itself. People suffering from kidney or liver disease are also advised to not consume Chamomile tea. Its consumption is also prohibited among children and pregnant women. Nevertheless, there are no life-threatening reactions caused by drinking Chamomile tea.

The Crux

There are abundant health benefits of Chamomile tea, which we have seen so far, but many are still to be discovered. Be it revamping the skin or causing an elevation in health; Chamomile may contribute to soothing life, making itself essential to be included in your day to day routine. If you are looking for a relaxing day after tackling the entire day’s course and stresses, you should definitely brew yourself a cup of Chamomile tea. So have a cup of “Positivitea,” aka “Chamomile Tea”!

Health benefits of Chamomile tea

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