7 Awesome health benefits of Green tea that add quality to your tea experience!

‘Green tea’ the name itself is so rejuvenating and crisp. When you hear Green tea you can’t resist prejudicing its natural aroma that hugs your body and gives you a fresh vibe. Green tea is the most ancient form of tea that is native to China and India and this tea has served profoundly as a prominent ingredient in medicine.

Ancient India and China had enjoyed the benefits of Green tea and praised its usage. Even today, researchers are amused by its multiple health benefits to humankind. Green tea is the least processed tea among all the tea types, being less oxidized and fermented, its good properties are well preserved.

Researchers suggest that the consumption of Green tea on daily basis can lead to various health benefits. It is a major source of the stimulant caffeine, polyphenols (beneficial in reducing inflammation), catechins, EGCG (a natural antioxidant that prevents cell damage). Drinking good quality Green tea will offer you these bioactive compounds without any compromise in its wellness.

health benefits of Green tea

It is suggested to brew your Green tea in water and avoid milk since milk is believed to lower the effects of antioxidants and anyway, the delicate flavors of Green tea are best enjoyed on their own. You should steep Green tea in water for 2 minutes to 3 minutes for the best health benefits and taste.

7 Health benefits of Green tea

Your weight loss expert

Green tea is famous for its weight loss property. Even A non-Green tea consumer can tell you that. People who often hit the gym and exercise regularly are most likely to add this tea as their favorite beverage. Its antioxidant properties boost metabolism which reduces fat in your body.

Green tea is best known to reduce abdominal fat. Abdominal fat is considered unhealthy and even a potential threat to your good life. A study suggests that people who drink Green tea and are regular to exercise and yoga are likely to burn fat by 17% more than those who don’t. Green tea boosts metabolism that burns calories. More calories burned means more weight loss.

Green tea highly triggers the effect of its EGCG properties. Research among 240 men gave consequences and base on Green tea and its antioxidant properties. People who drank this tea lost their abdominal weight, waist size, and body fat to a great extent. Although more significant, conclusive studies must prove the efficiency with 100% certainty, the existing studies are reason enough to give this tea a try.

A cup of mindfulness

Since Green tea contains caffeine, and also, the presence of caffeine is mild as compared to coffee or Black tea (that can often lead you to a jittery feeling), it is considered a soothing agent for anxiety. A cup of Green tea contains 28mg per 8oz caffeine which doesn’t leave you feeling fidgety and uneasy. It calms your nerves and relaxes your body steadily.

Since its effects show on the body gradually, it leaves you with crisp and robust vibes.

Prevents cardiovascular diseases

A study conducted in Japan with 40,530 adults revealed that people, who drank 3-4 cups of Green tea every day, had a 26% less risk of death from a heart attack. In another research conducted by Nature, people who consumed Green tea were recorded to have a steady health recovery.

The consumption lowered the LDL-Cholesterol (bad cholesterol) concentration by 2.19 mg/dL. Green tea helps prevent cardiovascular diseases but if you intend to use it for medicinal purposes, we advise you to take proper medicinal advice. There are no potential side effects from Green tea consumption but precaution is considered best.

health benefits of Green tea

May help prevent cancer

Cancer is caused by the outgrowing and damaging of the cell. When cells in a particular body part tend to grow more than what would be considered healthy, it takes a turn to cancer. These inflammations can be the result of oxidative damage. Since Green tea is rich in its antioxidant properties; it is considered that consumption of the tea on daily basis can prevent some types of cancer to some extent.

A cancer research center suggests that people diagnosed with cancer consume Green tea because they believe it boosts energy and gets rids of toxins in their bodies. Although of course, cancer isn’t magically cured by this tea, research and studies show substantial evidence of benefits in supporting the body.

May prevent risks of type-2 diabetes

Diabetes is a disease very common in our contemporary lives. It is mainly caused by an inability to produce insulin. Research in Japan showed that people who consumed Green tea on daily basis were 42% less likely to be diagnosed with type-2 diabetes. You can also drink this tea if you are already diagnosed with diabetes but remember to exclude milk and sugar if at all.

But drinking Green tea will reduce your obesity and it will eventually help you reduce your blood sugar level.

Hair and Skin benefits

Green tea is believed to be a great agent in treating blemishes, redness, acne, and other skin diseases. The antioxidant EGCG property of Green tea is potentially capable of rejuvenating dying skin cells. This makes old skin look healthier and fresh giving you a young look. Green tea contains vitamins like vitamin B2 and vitamin E which both are considered healthy for skincare.

People use the natural form of this tea as face masks or even brewing it and having a cup to sip on is great for your skin and hair. Jasmine Green tea is a blend of jasmine and true tea leaves. Its aroma attracts your attention and so does its health benefits.

Jasmine Green tea is considered best for its skin and hair benefits. It helps in preventing hair loss and improving your hair’s health. You can use Green tea-based shampoo or conditioner to benefit your hair’s health too.

Health benefits of Green tea for men

Apart from all the benefits mentioned above, Green tea helps men fight prostate cancer. 1 out of 9 men is likely to suffer from prostate cancer in their life. This disease is not as life-threatening as other types of cancer but a disease being a disease or say, cancer being cancer, it should certainly be controlled and prevented. Green tea helps control the spread of cancer cells in other parts of the body. Again, its antioxidant properties help the patient fight the effects.

Benefits of Matcha Green tea

What is Matcha green tea? Why is it different from normal Green tea?

Matcha green tea is essentially a type of Green tea but its fermentation and preparation are done in a different way and it is a powder tea, unlike the normal Green tea leaves. Since Matcha is made up of the whole C. Sinensis shrub plant not even excluding the stems and other parts of the tree, it is considered to store all the goodness of the tea tree.

health benefits of Green tea

Matcha green tea is generally helpful in preventing different types of diseases such as heart diseases, cancer, and diabetes. So, if the regular Green tea and Matcha Green both have the same benefits then which one to choose? Well, it completely depends on your preference. The taste varies and one more thing that varies is that 5 cups of brewed Green tea are equal to one cup of Matcha Green tea in terms of caffeine content. So choose your Green tea wisely!


Although consuming any type of Green tea is considered best, you can try on different types in terms of taste, intensity, and decide on your favorite. People often miss out on their daily dose of antioxidants via food which may cause health issues. Green tea can help you fill that gap. You can consume this tea for your mental wellness and health benefits.

So, the next time you wonder why you should drink Green tea. What are the benefits of Green tea? Is drinking Green tea worth the hype? Should I prefer Green tea over other tea types? Just go through this list of its benefits and you won’t be able to resist yourself grabbing a cup of this goodness.

health benefits of Green tea

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