10 science-based health benefits of Herbal tea that make them an ideal drink!

Herbal teas are tea blends that are not made from the tea plant Camellia sinensis like traditional teas, but instead from other natural food items like dried herbs or spices, buds of particular flowers of leaves, dried fruits, root or bark of certain edible non-tea plants. Herbal teas have become a go-to tea in most households over the years. These teas gained the attention of people because of their amazing health beneficial properties.

Let’s dive down deeper to find out the ways Herbal teas can help you maintain your physical and mental health.

health benefits of Herbal tea

10 researched the health benefits of Herbal tea

  • Detoxification

Herbal teas contain a lot of antioxidants that are second only to prescription medicines in detoxifying the body, they help our body flush out the toxic substances and waste products accumulated in the body over a period of time. Herbal teas like Dandelion, Fennel, Cumin, etc are very helpful Detox Herbal Teas and easily available in the market.

  • Quicker Digestion

Herbal teas like Dandelion, Chamomile, Peppermint, Ginger, and Turmeric speeds up the digestion process in our body by emptying the stomach faster than before and breaking down the body fat at a quicker pace. This process makes the digestive system healthier and a lot better, helping you to maintain good health and keep away from symptoms like bloating, indigestion, vomiting, acidity, etc.

  • Immunity-Boosting

Indian culture is very famous and widely known throughout the world for its very old natural medicines and home remedies. Few natural medicines like Turmeric, Ginger, Holy Basil (Tulsi), and other similar spices or herbs are very good immunity boosters and happen to be present in abundance in Herbal tea. Drinking these Herbal teas will give your body better immunity and shield it from common ailments providing it good protection.

health benefits of Herbal tea

  • Anti-Cold and Sore throat

Ginger tea, Turmeric tea, Tulsi tea, and similar other Herbal teas are famous for their therapeutic properties that are great for keeping away common ailments like the common cold and sore throat. These spices have been home remedies for these health issues for a very long time in India and still work wonders every time.

If you are willing to add a small amount of caffeine content in your diet for good results, add ginger, turmeric, and Tulsi in black tea and drink a hot cup of this at least twice a day. Alternatively, you can opt for the pure blends of Ginger, Turmeric, and Tulsi Herbal teas as well to get rid of those annoying little problems.

  • Weight loss

The natural plant items in Herbal teas are good additions to your diet to lose weight. We already know these teas help in speeding up the digestion process and boost immunity, as a result, they may help you in losing weight as well. Work out a good diet plan for yourself that will include Herbal teas, regular exercises, and drink lots of water every day for good results.

  • Anti-inflammation

Herbal teas have great anti-inflammatory properties that may help in relieving you from menstrual cramps, headaches, and stomach pains, or gastrointestinal discomfort. Ginger, eucalyptus, peppermint, or turmeric Herbal teas have a good number of anti-inflammatory agents that certainly help to soothe your painful days and nights.

  • Relief from Nausea

Herbal teas are the best home remedies to rid your day of nausea. Chamomile tea, Peppermint tea, Ginger tea, Turmeric tea, Lemon Honey tea, Fennel tea, and Masala Black tea (caffeinated) are the Herbal teas that have proven to be the best in several studies and experiments for treating nausea, morning sickness, motion sickness and reducing the frequency of vomiting.

  • Reducing stress and anxiety

Chamomile tea has been a popular and trending drink for its calming and relaxing properties. It has good anti-stress and anti-anxiety agents that help in relaxing the body, mind, and help you reach a calm state. The best results have been noted by drinking Chamomile tea 45 minutes before bedtime each night. Valerian-root tea, Lemon balm tea, and Lavender tea are some of the other Herbal teas that can help you for the same purpose. These teas have been effective in treating insomnia too.

health benefits of Herbal tea

  • Caffeine-free

All the pure Herbal tea blends are free of caffeine which is an added benefit for many people who love to drink tea daily and frequently in a day. The zero caffeine content in these teas will help your body to stay fit and healthy for a longer period of time, without the potential side effects of jitters, restlessness that comes with caffeinated drinks.

  • Healthier Skin

The antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and zero caffeine properties of Herbal teas help the body to rinse out all the unnecessary, toxic substances present inside the body. As the level of toxic or waste materials decreases in your body, it becomes healthier, which makes your skin and hair healthy and gives you a noticeable natural glow.

Summing Up

Herbal teas, in general, are very beneficial for our body and health. The organic plant extracts in the Herbal teas serve as high nutritional food items. These infusions can be consumed before or after meals, on an empty stomach, and anytime throughout the day.

Since these teas are made wholly from plant extracts, dried fruits, roots, bark, flowers, and spices or herbs, they are side effects free and the lack of caffeine also means they can be consumed by almost anyone, of any gender or age. People under heavy medication or prescription drugs and women in pregnancy, or breastfeeding should always consult their doctors before consuming any type of teas or beverages to be on the safe side.

Herbal teas are sometimes available in mixed blends as well (i.e. they might contain Green, Black, or Oolong tea leaves) that are in the caffeinated form so it is always a good idea to go through the ingredient list at the back of the Herbal tea packaging box if you do not want caffeine in your tea and prefer a pure blend more.

health benefits of Herbal tea

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