Top 5 Amazing Health Benefits of Lavender Tea

Lavender the purple flower who can resist the aromatic presence of it can you? Maybe that is the reason today it is known as the statement of fragrance all over the world. The bright and vibrant fragrance and benefits of it has its footprints in different cosmetics like soaps and perfumes even in different food products like herbal Lavender tea.

The Lavender has an essential oil extract in it which makes it one of the most powerful floral herb.
Lavender tea provides you very delicate and aromatic experience with great health benefits. Thus, health benefits of Lavender tea have created a worldwide buzz and demand.
Want to know in detail about this? Lets then go through a few important details of Lavender Tea

Lavender Flower

Lavender Tea Texture and Feature

Lavender tea is extracted from fresh lavender buds of the Lavendula Angustifolia flower commonly known as the Lavender flower which is mixed with the premium quality green tea.
Today, due to its rise in demand mainly for the health benefits of Lavender tea it has been cultivated in different countries around the world but it has its roots mainly in the Mediterranean region of southern Europe and northern Africa.
Lavender tea has a distinctive flavor which has a mixed hint of rosemary and mint. Different blends offer you different flavor and the aromatic fragrance of green apple, rose, green with a smoky or woody underline tone which gives you a better experience in all.

Lavender Tea Health Benefits

Lavender tea consists of beneficial oil i.e. Lavender oil which adds up a few important health benefits of Lavender tea.

5 Health Benefits of Lavender Tea

Help To Treat Sleep Disorders

There have been many proven scientific tests made across the globe on Lavender tea which helps in treating sleep disorders and even helps in having a better sleeping habit.
There are different National Institutes in the USA including CDC who have proved by their detailed surveys that sleeping disorders can be treated by providing Lavender tea in their daily routine. More than 70 million people with sleep disorders have experimented with this treatment.

Helps You To Reduce Inflammation

Lavender tea has a good amount of anti-inflammatory aspect which helps one to reduce any serious ailment like blood clots caused due to inflamed arteries or even muscle and joint pains. It is a secret to minimize muscle spasms.

Detox Your Body

While routinely drinking tea you somehow become more hydrated than normal. Lavender tea consists of a high amount of antioxidants.
This high amount of antioxidants helps in eliminating toxins in your body which might be due to excessive exposure to pollution, excessive amount of drinking, and smoking habits. Such problems can cause oxidative stress which can be degraded by having Lavender tea.

Supports Your Immune System

Lavender tea being rich in antibacterial properties and antioxidants helps to fight health problems related to clod and flue. It as acts as a barrier against any serious fungal, bacterial, or viral diseases.
This is due to the fact which is also proven by the Natural Food Series that Lavender tea consists of Calcium, Magnesium, and Vitamin C it.

Lavender Tea also acts as a

-supportive agent in the healthy digestion process
-as well as a helpful aid for respiratory problems like throat and chest inflamed muscle or any uneasiness that occurred while breathing.
Which adds up in the list of Lavender tea health benefits. Even if Lavender tea has quite several health benefits you still need to be careful while consuming it daily and while doing so avoid any kind of reactions caused by it.

Side Effects of having Lavender Tea which you need to avoid

Not only providing you the health benefits of Lavender tea is our motive but also our concern is to make you aware of other essential properties so that you can willingly have Lavender tea without any second thought.
Sharing with you some of the important checks on the side effects which might take place while consumption Lavender tea in an excessive manner-

Side Effects of Lavender Tea

– Consumption of lavender tea in a regular way might affect the normal growth of puberty in males. Even pregnant women are recommended by the doctors to consult with their physician while its consumption which might not suit the baby and the mother as well during this period.
– Skin or throat allergies might occur with breathing issues.

Nothing to worry about because as you know that good things come with some warnings or side effects so does lavender tea have. Thus, like most of the herbal teas, Lavender tea is also recommended to consume with some basic guidelines and consultation.

So you see it is very important to manage the proper dosage of having Lavender tea with a proper brewing technique. Brew your cup of lavender tea

Let us see how can you brew your perfect cup of Lavender tea in just 10-15 minutes

Please Note-

Firstly that you store the Lavender tea in a proper airtight container so that moisture does not come in contact with it because moisture is known as the ultimate enemy of any tea.
Secondly, you can use loose leaf lavender tea or even lavender tea bags but the quality should good enough for you to experience the complete delight and provide you health benefits of Lavender tea.

Basic Ingredients

1 cup of filtered water
2 tablespoons of fresh lavender tea of Teaswan
3 A tea maker or an Infuser

Brewing Process

– Boil the water in a tea maker or a saucepan
– Put off the flame once it is properly boiled to let the water be warm and drinkable
– Add the fresh Lavender tea to it
– Mix it properly and let it be as it is for about 7-8 minutes
– Strain the leaves / if using a tea bag or a tea infuser remove that
– And pour in in a cup or a tea mug
– And you are all set to enjoy the lavender tea with your preferred add-ons like sugar, lemon, or honey.


Sit Back And Enjoy

Lavender tea provides you a great experience of floral flavor and a soothing texture which can act as a great medium for you to sit and relax after a tiring day.
The lavender tea health benefits which help one to work and boost up its immune system by reducing inflammation in the body make it an important and essential beverage to have.

Summing up

It is completely up to you that how you want to brew your cup of Lavender tea and how you want to have it. If you want to consider my opinion and suggestion then I would suggest you have Lavender tea in such a way that its floral smoothness and health benefits of lavender tea remain intact and for sure please go through the health guidelines.

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