12 Tantalizing Health Benefits Of Peppermint Tea And A Quick Recipe To Brew It!!

Peppermint Tea

Peppermint is a piquant herb from the mint family with the slightest aroma and a pleasant flavor. Peppermint makes up an integral part of our lives from benefiting our unsettled stomach by giving some relief to flavoring our drinks with an energizing taste and aroma. Homegrown in Asia and Europe, Peppermint has been used for thousands of years for its unmatched, minty flavor and some extraordinary health benefits.

It is also used for flavoring breath mints, candies, and other foods. Additionally, a lot of people consume Peppermint as a revitalizing, caffeine-free tea. Peppermint Tea’s exhilarating properties can make you feel relaxed, release your stress and mental fatigue. This tea makes for a special potion having mass health and beauty benefits. Peppermint Tea can also help to improve metabolism and in relieving excess acidity. Just one cup of this amazing tea can help you in multiple ways.

12 Tantalizing health benefits of Peppermint tea and a quick recipe to brew it!!

Peppermint Tea is a pleasant and refreshing Tea to stay healthy as it can help you boost your immune system, gives you a fresh breath, and reduce aches. In addition to this, it also aids sick stomach, which may lead to many other diseases. It also helps in weight loss up to some extent as it cures the queasy stomach. The oils present in the Peppermint and the refreshing, long-lasting effect make Peppermint Tea different from any other tea.

Regular consumption of Peppermint tea may have long-term health benefits. With its tempting aroma and unique flavor, Peppermint Tea has bagged a prime position in Tea lover’s most favorite teas list.

Flavor profile of Peppermint Tea

Peppermint Tea has a fresh, chilling flavor with a prickling effect. Peppermint Tea bestows a cooling sensation that is incomparable.

Health Benefits of Peppermint Tea

  • Cures Upset Stomach

Peppermint Tea relieves digestive symptoms, which include gas, indigestion, and bloating. Some researches suggest that Peppermint Tea can reduce the severity and frequency of abdominal pain. In addition to this, Peppermint Tea also prevents the feeling of nausea and vomiting. While curing indigestion issues, Peppermint Tea also helps in weight loss, indirectly.

  • Relieves Stress Headaches

Peppermint Tea acts as a muscle tranquilizing and also a pain reliever. It also prevents certain types of headaches that include stress, headaches, and migraine as well. Oils present in Peppermint Tea increase the flow of blood and eases the pain, thus giving a cooling sensation. The most enticing aromas of Peppermint Tea relaxes muscles and cures headache. When it comes to mitigating and relieving anxiety and stress, peppermint tea is one of the best for couples. The menthol contained in Peppermint Tea is known to be a muscle relaxant. It is antispasmodic in nature that helps to relax amidst ongoing mental stress.

  • Refreshes Your Breath

Peppermint Tea is the most effective tea when it comes to refreshing the mouth. Peppermint also has antibacterial properties that help kill a plague, causing germs and prohibit their further growth as well, which ultimately improves your breath. Most mouth fresheners have Peppermint in them due to the same reason. Peppermint in Peppermint Tea has some active oils known to promote fresh breath and prevent the mouth from foul.

  • Relieves Clogged Sinuses

Peppermint Tea has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Thus, Peppermint Tea helps fight the obstructed sinuses due to various infections, the common cold, and many other types of allergies. Additionally, research demonstrates that menthol in Peppermint Tea as an active compound aids airflow in the nasal chamber. Therefore, the generated steam from brewing Peppermint Tea eases the breathing process.

  • Improves Energy Levels

Peppermint Tea improves energy levels and reduces the entire day’s fatigue. It boosts your brain cells, makes you feel relaxed to enjoy the day.

  • Eases Menstrual Cramps

As Peppermint acts as a muscle depressant, it may relieve menstrual cramps. The oils contained in Peppermint Tea improve symptoms and eases the pain.

  • Fights Bacterial Infections

Peppermint Tea has antibacterial effects, which are useful in killing bacteria. The oils in Peppermint Tea prowess multiple bacteria, which can lead to illnesses in humans.

12 Tantalizing health benefits of Peppermint tea and a quick recipe to brew it!!

  • Improves Sleeping Pattern

Peppermint Tea being caffeine-free is an ideal choice before bed. As Peppermint Tea has muscle-relaxing effects, therefore it is suitable to have before going to sleep. For a sound and peaceful sleep, consume Peppermint Tea as it also acts as a muscle relaxant.

  • May Aid Weight Loss

Peppermint tea is always a good idea when it comes to losing weight as it is both natural and calorie-free at the same time. Peppermint Tea has got a sweet delighting flavor, which is so attractive and helpful in relaxing the stomach and refreshing it. Additionally, Peppermint Tea contains some oils which reduce the appetite, thus aiding weight loss.

  • Improves Allergies

Peppermint Tea contains some acid, which is believed to reduce some allergic reactions, such as, itchy eyes asthma, and runny nose. Some researchers say that Peppermint Tea can improve allergic reactions up to a considerable extent.

  • Improves Concentration

Consuming Peppermint Tea can help improve your ability to be attentive and concentrated. Besides, this Peppermint Tea improves alertness and memory. It is useful and beneficial in innumerable ways.

  • Treats Common Cold and Flu

Having a cup of hot, refreshing Tea like Peppermint Tea is all your bad throat wants. Like many other herbal teas, Peppermint Tea seats compounds that fight cold and build up immunity. Peppermint Tea does more by unwinding the cough causing throat muscles. Peppermint Tea contains menthol, a muscle relaxant that relieves congestion and alleviates severe cold-like bronchitis.

The antioxidants in Peppermint Tea improve circulation and allow WBCs to rove faster throughout the body, upgrading the speed with which the body can fight off viruses and bacteria. Peppermint Tea has antibacterial properties that protect the immune system by guarding it against problem-causing bacteria. Peppermint Tea contains essential vitamins and nutrients that boost the immune system so that you don’t fall sick often.

How to prepare Peppermint Tea?

It is a piece of cake to add perfectly aromatic and uniquely flavored Peppermint Tea to your diet. To make your own Peppermint Tea:

  • Take 1.5-2 cups of water in a pan and bring it to a boil.
  • Put off the heat and add 1 tablespoon of dried peppermint leaves to the heated water.
  • Now, cover the pan using an inverted lid and let the mixture steep for around 5 minutes.
  • Strain the Tea in your most liked mug and enjoy it!

The caffeine-free nature of Peppermint Tea makes it suitable for consumption at any time in the day. You can prefer drinking it post your meals to treat indigestion, energize yourself in the afternoon and later in the night to have a peaceful sleep.

In Closing

Peppermint Tea, along with its composition of natural compounds, may benefit your health in most unexpected ways. Peppermint Tea helps improve digestion, freshens breath, and releases stress. In addition to this, its antibacterial properties aid some allergic reactions. Peppermint Tea is a caffeine-free tea that has a delectable flavor, which makes it the most preferred. So, go get this fantastic blend of flavors for yourself, brew a cup of it and enjoy it to the fullest.

12 Tantalizing health benefits of Peppermint tea and a quick recipe to brew it!!

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