How Much Loose Leaf Tea Per Cup

How much loose leaf tea per cup is ideal? Find out here!

You know that feeling when you made a perfect cup of tea yesterday but cannot seem to replicate it today? Well, here some accurate and measured proportions will help to make a perfect cup of tea each time. The perfect cup of brewed tea in the early morning and before bed just revives and refreshes you. If you prefer loose tea leaves over tea bags, then that’s perfect because we’ll tell you exactly how much of everything you need to make a perfect cup every time!

loose leaf tea

Although based on taste, intensity, aroma etc. some like their cup of tea strongly flavored and brewed, whereas some people like their cup of tea to be mild in taste and on a sweeter note. But here are some measurements that can be followed by people to make a constant cup of tea as they like to have it. Let’s find an appropriate answer to this question about how to build the art of tea making in ourselves.

Choose or Identify the type of Tea First

Many a times, people who enjoy tea, don’t know what type of tea they are using or how much loose tea should be infused to make a cup of tea. It can be simply explained with the comparison of herbal tea and Black tea. Herbal tea is heavier in content due to it’s a composition of various herbs and condiments but milder in taste. On the other hand, Black tea is strong in flavor.

Loose Leaf Tea

So the measurement of herbal tea will range to 1+1\2 tsp – 2 tsp to give as much flavor as 1 tsp of Black tea. If tea is fine or powdered, then you should be more cautious and aware while using it. Too much amount of tea leaves can become gritty at the bottom of the cup. 2 grams of can be used to make one whole teaspoon. It will give you just the right amount of depth in flavor and liquor.

How Much loose Green Tea Per Cup?

Using whole Green tea leaves in place of tea bags is always healthier and a better option. Perhaps the complexity of brewing loose Green tea leaves makes people switch to the convenient tea bag version. But honestly making Green tea with loose Green tea leaves isn’t that difficult! We’ll tell you all about it.

loose Leaf Tea - Green Tea

Steeping time

The steeping time varies from the quantity one uses and according to the requirement of cups. 1-3 minutes will be enough for 150 ml of water and makes 1-2 cups of tea. The measure of tea leaves is between 1-1 ½ tsp for that measurement. If the serving increases to 3-4 cups, then the number of tea leaves you should use is between 2-2 ½ tsp.
The ratio of tea leaves to water ratio is 1:50 ml. It means if 3 grams of tea leaves, then topping it up with 150 ml of water is ideal.

Temperature for Brewing Loose Green Tea Leaves

For steeping fresh tea leaves, boiling water is not an ideal option. The ideal temperature for steeping loose tea leaves is between 80-90 degrees Celsius. (175-195 F). This will enhance the flavor and aroma of green tea leaves. In case it seems a little difficult to measure the temperature without any measurement tool, then simply boil the measured amount of water and let it set to cool down for 1-3 minutes. At this point, the temperature will reach 80-90 C.

Note: Brewing Green tea leaves on a high flame can eliminate the antioxidants present in it, make sure that the water is not more than 80-90 C.

Brew guide for Oolong Tea:

Loose Leaf Tea Oolong Tea

How Much Loose Oolong Tea Per Cup

Oolong tea is produced in the regions of China and Taiwan. There is not a singular variety of Oolong tea. Any semi-oxidized tea is considered to be categorised as Oolong. The brewing guide actually follows Asian brewing practices. For loose tea leaves of the Oolong variant, 2-3 minutes is more than enough to steep tea leaves at a temperature of 90 C or 190 F.

Steeping Time 

Traditionally, Oolong tea is prepared in a small teapot or Gaiwan (Chinese teapot) which holds 100-150 ml of capacity. The sleeping time for Oolong tea when using such a setup is 10-20 seconds ideally. On the other hand, when one uses commonly found infusers, about 2-3 minutes per infusion is recommended.

Temperature for Brewing Loose Oolong Tea Leaves

First, boil water at a temperature of 190 F, or boil water for 2 minutes and steep Oolong loose tea leaves for about 3 minutes. This is perfect for vibrant colour and aroma thus bringing out a well-rounded flavour and viscosity.

Note: wait for at least 5 minutes to pour the next consecutive cup of serving. As time passes, the colour of tea becomes darker and seems like liquor. Notice the change of flavour with every cup and serving. The taste will enhance and the colour becomes even darker than the previous serving.


Many of us are unaware of the proportion of water and tea leaves and the suitable temperature for brewing tea. Over brewing or using too much tea itself can cause the tea to taste unpleasant and bitter. In reality, tea only has hints of bitterness overlapped with soothing, smooth flavours of sweetness, citrus, etc. so it really comes down to preparation methods plus of course, the quality of tea.

Every tea lover has distinct tastes and preferences but sometimes the excess amount of tea leaves drains all the flavour of tea and doesn’t provide the experience one desires. No matter how strong or mild taste buds one is having, the thing should be kept in mind that a lot of tea leaves will overpower the soothing notes. The perfect brew aroma and the taste is the ideal teacup and the necessity of every tea experience. We really hope this article helped you elevate your love for tea!

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