how to make compost tea

How to Make Compost Tea: Recipe & How It Works

The world is inclined toward being organic, why not we? creating compost tea may be a tiny little beginning however this small initiative by us will create an oversized impact. It’s terribly easy to form, we tend to even don’t have to be compelled to invest plenty of your time in it and have good expertise obtaining nearer to nature. 

What Is Compost Tea? 


Compost tea is organic, gentle for plants. Bacteria, nematodes, fungi, microbes live in the compost. Provides fast-acting nutrients that increase plant growth and you get your food on our table faster. Like a cup of tea is that a healthful drink for us within the same means compost tea is healthful for plants. although it feeds garden plants together with this it will increase soil quality/fertility and thence helps plants grow healthier. It’s extremely straightforward to form not an intense massive house required and also the better part is it’s FREE!

Benefits of Compost Tea

Creates resistance or suppression of disease and will increase growth There area unit several helpful organisms gift within the compost which may manufacture antibiotic that is deadly to pathogens gift within the soil that eventually restricts the expansion of assorted organisms loosens the soil and introduces secondary metabolites helps grow plant quicker in conjunction with the roots conjointly grow quicker.

Pure organic! It’s considerable to make compost at home. that controls the soil fertility of your garden. Chemicals damage the soil a great deal that reduces its life and quality. It’s a bit like returning life to our mother earth by balancing nature avoiding chemicals.

According to analysis, there are few advantages however Soil fertility and plant growth area unit the key parts that get affected. victimization compost tea daily can show results directly among – Days you’ll see a serious distinction tall of the plants and leaf coverage and the way recent your veggies and fruits are going to be.

How to Make Compost Tea?

Let’s take a glance at the way to create compost tea for vegetables and flowers in your garden. This wet plant food has terribly fast effects on plants than dry fertilizers. because the period of time of vegetable plants and flowering plants is a smaller amount for the quick result you can use wet plant food. Dry fertilizers also are effective however they work higher for future impact

Compost tea may be created in 2 other ways though they’re each straightforward do have a definite distinction 

  • Simple compost tea 

It has an easy procedure to try to that’s to stay the compost still for a few time and so use it.

  • Aerated compost tea 

It additionally follows an identical procedure with the addition of a pump that provides oxygen to microbes grow faster uses it once a few hours. it’s on the brink of fermentation.


  1. 5 times the compost use non-chlorinated water or let the water relax for twenty-four hours
  2. Take a supply of microbes 
  3. Inoculant or compost 
  4. Additional adjuvants can be added 


Take non-chlorinated water and blend the compost well certify you’re taking water five times the compost. this is often however you’ll be able to create compost tea without a pump just stir the compost tea couple of times. The more procedure is going to be to use the pump for aeration in order that microbes grow additional.

How to Build Compost Tea from Kitchen Waste?

Everybody’s house generates kitchen scrap each day. rather than overloading landfills, we will build compost at our home which is able to upgrade the structure of our gardens. 

kitchen scrap to use: coffee grounds, eggshells, veggies, and fruit trimmings or some leftover food 

Kitchen scrap to not use: Bones, meat scrap, fats, and oils, dairy products, or foodstuff which can produce odor issues to draw in pests.


  1. Take a medium-size bucket
  2. Add dry leaves and clean dirt until half the bucket 
  3. Put your kitchen waste each day into it 
  4. Mix the waste, dirt, and leaves well, ensure when throwing the waste you provide a light stir cowl it with leaves and dirt.
  5. Wet it down slightly don’t over damp it will cause odor 
  6. Close the instrumentation or bucket with a lid, drill some holes into it for air

How to Make Compost Tea for Cannabis

It is pretty much the same process mentioned above if you want to increase the quality of the compost tea You can use molasses as they serve as a great source of food for microorganisms and seed weed which great source of food for fungi. Aeration becomes important here is we have to include it in the process for a source of oxygen, 

How to Apply Compost Tea 

Most people prefer the 1:10 relation for compost to water. you can directly apply or pour the compost tea into the soil. you can also directly use a twig bottle and spray it on the plant’s leaves. whereas employing a spray, filter the compost tea in order that it won’t bog down at the nob of the works as is natural defense system for garden plants prevents diseases and kills harmful is a great alternative for pesticides and fertilizers


Compost tea is one of the best ways to improve cannabis in an organic way, if there is less nutrient in the soil the is an effective procedure you can use to make your soil healthy from scratch. For those who have a small garden or love doing terrace gardening or even have few flowering plants at their place and love gardening on their own, it’s a very simple way for them to use compost tea and keep their plants healthy. try to dive into this compost tea at least once a week You can also try this at home as it is very easily accessible and you and you can have a great experience with it. 

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