How to make Ginger tea? Amazing health benefits, storage, and everything you need to know!

Greetings Tea Lovers! We are here to make your day better than it has already been. Does your diet contain good, healthy tea? Are you missing out on one? Fret not dear friends, this article will be all about one of the best and healthiest tea, the fierce, delicious Ginger tea.

Ginger is a flowering plant whose roots are used as an additive in various foods. It is really the root of the ginger plant that we consume and use in food dishes and some beverages to make them spicy and flavourful.

Ginger has been used as a traditional herbal medicine throughout Asia for countless centuries and is still being used as a home remedy to cure common ailments like nausea, sore throat, common cold, and vomiting not only in the Asian countries but in the Western world as well.

Ginger mainly grows in hot and humid climates, countries like China, India, Korea, Thailand, Nepal, and Nigeria are among those that produce this root abundantly and India is in the seventh position for exporting it to other countries. The history of ginger and ginger tea goes way back to more than 5000 years, where ancient India and China used it for medicinal purposes.

Ginger tea is essentially an herbal tea which mainly consists of the vegetable ginger as its main ingredient. It is available in pure blends (which does not contain any other tea leaves and is caffeine-free) and as well as in mixed blends (where the base material is a tea and is caffeinated).

How to make Ginger tea

How to make Ginger tea at home

Ginger with Black tea

Ginger tea tastes best when served with Black tea. You can make Ginger tea with Black tea very easily at home. First, you need to brew Black tea as you would normally brew it, then add a few slices of Ginger in the pan just when the Black tea water starts boiling.

Simmer the water for about 10 minutes and add sugar as per your preferences. After 10 minutes strain your tea of the Black tea leaves and ginger slices and there you have it, Black Ginger tea is ready to be served.

Ginger tea with Milk

To make Ginger tea with milk, heat water in a pan and add Black tea leaves and sugar as per your taste when the water starts boiling. Add ginger slices to the water while it boils and simmer the whole concoction for about 10 minutes before straining your tea. Pour yourself a hot, delicious flavoured Milk Ginger tea, that you will find amazing.

Caffeine-free Ginger tea

To make the pure blend of Ginger tea, put the sliced Ginger pieces in a mug and pour hot boiling water over it. Let the mixture sit for about 5 to 10 minutes and then strain it. Before drinking your Herbal Ginger tea add a spoon of honey to enhance the taste then sit and enjoy your cup of Ginger tea.

Turmeric Ginger Tea

This variation is a bit on the spicy side and for people who love masala in their Chai. Put a few slices or grated Ginger pieces in the mug, add a dash of ground turmeric, a pinch of ground pepper. Pour boiling water over your infusion and allow it to steep for about 10 minutes. Strain your tea and then add honey to taste. Voila! Your Turmeric Ginger tea is ready.

Ginger Lemon tea

Lemon can be added to any type of Ginger tea variation except the milk one. But if you want Ginger Lemon tea on its own; first brew Ginger tea following any of the above tea variations (except the Ginger Milk tea) and then squeeze a lemon wedge into each cup, which completes the recipe. Lemon will give your tea a citrusy and tangy taste making it more delicious to drink. Do try this one!

Ginger with Green tea (or any other type of tea)

To brew Ginger with other tea types, first, simply brew the Ginger tea, then add 1 teaspoon of tea leaves (Green, White, or Oolong) and let it steep for a few minutes before straining the tea. Add honey or sugar as per taste and your tea is ready to be served.

Nowadays ready-made Ginger tea packets are also available in the market that can be used to make good, flavourful Ginger teas. Follow the instructions given at the back of the tea packaging to make the tea without any hassle.

How to store fresh ginger?

To store ginger and keep it fresh for a longer time, you need to first buy good quality ginger. Select gingers that are fresh, have a smooth texture, and feel heavy for its size. Do not pick gingers that look moldy, wrinkled, or feel soft, those will probably be the old ones.

To keep gingers firm for a long time, try to store the whole, unpeeled ginger in a resealable vegetable bag. Push out the air from inside the bag and store it in the vegetable box of your refrigerator.

If you have a cut and peeled ginger to store, make sure to blot it dry with a paper towel or a soft cloth before storing it in the refrigerator in the same way as mentioned above.

How to make Ginger tea

Why should you consume this tea daily? The superb Health Benefits of Ginger tea

Ginger is a vegetable that comes with numerous health benefits, that when consumed daily and in the right amount has the potential to provide amazing results to your health. It contains a number of antioxidants, compounds that can relieve you from stress and promote healthy aging, it also prevents your body from DNA damage and chronic diseases like high blood pressure, heart diseases, and lung diseases. Here are some of the prominent, amazing health benefits of Ginger tea,

  • Relives sore throat and the common cold

Ginger has good anti-inflammatory properties that can reduce the pain caused due to sore throat and cold. Drinking hot ginger tea twice a day can provide you significant relief.

  • Nausea from Motion Sickness or Morning Sickness or Chemotherapy

Ginger has the ability to reduce nausea caused by morning sickness, motion sickness, and chemotherapy. Several studies have shown good results in treating cancer patients and pregnant women who suffered from nausea regularly. Although this tea won’t simply treat cancer, its health benefits and components make for a great addition to your lifestyle.

  • Heart Health and Blood Sugar

Ginger improves the overall heart health and blood sugar levels of a person if consumed religiously. Research has shown that it can decrease hypertension, heart diseases, and prevent you from illness.

  • Oral health

Ginger fights off the bacteria in your mouth and neutralizes the acid released by those bacteria. The antioxidants and anti-inflammatory properties of ginger help you maintain the good health of your mouth by killing the bacteria and preventing gum infections and swollen gums.


Ginger, native to Asia has been a household item in Asian countries for a very long time and its usage continues to grow to date. It is a regularly used spice that has immense health benefits to it. This magical spice helps to keep the body warm in very cold climates and also wards off any bacteria or infections in the body effectively. Drinking Ginger tea regularly will compensate and reintroduce the amazing Ginger properties in your body and provide you with proper nutrition that will make you healthy and keep you disease-free.

There are a number of options for different varieties of Ginger tea available in the market to choose from, do try them and you certainly won’t be disappointed!

How to make Ginger tea

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