How To Make Hot Green Tea Taste Good

How To Make Green Tea Taste Good?

Green Tea is undoubtedly the most favored cup of tea may it be in terms of health or flavor. However, most of us suffer from the taste of the most favored tea that has endless benefits as well. Before we head to our kitchens, let’s just explore a perfectly healthy recipe for brewing a delicious cup of green tea without sugar that would not only surprise our bodies but our taste buds would heart it as well. Use these basic tips and tricks to achieve that wonderful cup of desired tea. 

How To Make Green Tea Taste Good But Still Be Healthy? 

Green Tea is often looked down on and avoided by many of us, just because of its bitterness. Green Tea is formulated with several compounds like chlorophyll, caffeine, catechins, and many more. Mostly, catechins are held onto for the bitter taste. All these compounds are solely responsible for the health benefits green tea has. However, keeping in mind all these things the question of how to make green tea taste good but still be healthy still pops up.

How To Make Green Tea Taste Good

How To Make Hot Green Tea Taste Good? 

So here’s how to make hot green tea taste good and more savoury without compromising on the health benefits:

1. Be aware of the Water Temperature

Water Temperature plays an important role in the bitterness of green tea. Avoid water at very high temperatures as it extracts all the bitterness from the leaves and leaves behind the essence and flavor of green tea. L-theanine is responsible for the flavor and taste notes of green tea and with hotter water the L-theanine gets lighter, so counter the temperature.

2. Do not over-brew

Steeping the tea leaves briefly is the key to relishing the best taste of green tea. Green tea is known for its delicacy and benefits, and by over brewing the tea leaves both of these are compromised. Carefully watch over the time you are brewing and may it be Sencha or Chinese green tea leaves. The steeping time for any of the green teas should never go above 2-3 minutes. 

3. Switch to some herbal additions

Herbal Infusions are the secret to brewing a perfectly healthy and savoury cup of green tea. There are plenty of flavored green teas available where a true tea base is infused with various flowers, flavourings and spices. These infusions add up to the taste of green tea and are healthy as well. If in case, flavored tea is not available you can add any suitable flower blossoms. Fruit based green teas also taste savoury and are healthy at the same time. Various green teas have an addition of fruits for a more relishing taste. 

4. Add in some Healthy Flavourings

If you’re not yet satisfied with the taste of your green tea then adding a few healthy add-ons won’t cause any harm. How to make green tea sweet and savoury without adding sugar is a tedious task for so many of us so here comes the secret of adding a stevia leaf and some lemon juice to the brewed cup of earthy green tea.

The earthy flavor of green tea can be countered with fresh lemon slices or juice, honey, stevia or any healthy alternative you like. However, make sure to take hold of the quantity as these might completely kill the grassy flavor of green tea.

5. Be mindful of the quality and quantity of the leaves

The quality and quantity of green tea leaves is the major factor for the taste of the final result. Be mindful of the quantity of green tea leaves you’re adding, it’s suggested to add lesser leaves for a subtle yet vibrant taste. The quality of the tea leaves also holds an important block in completing the puzzle of a perfect cup of green tea.

Tea fanatics often suggest going for loose tea leaves rather than tea bags. Tea bags are definitely easier to brew but they are not great in quality. Tea bags contain broken leaves and dust of green tea leaves hence they fall apart in rendering the true flavor. On the contrary, loose tea leaves are full of flavor and a unique taste. In a nutshell, adding fewer great quality leaves is the key, especially for people who don’t know how to make green tea or how green tea tastes.

How To Make Cold Green Tea Taste Good?

The best possible way to relish the flavor of your green tea would be a soothing cup of iced green tea. If you have over brewed a cup of green tea then that’s the major reason for the bitterness but don’t worry here’s how you can add a twist. A strong brew will definitely do wonders to the iced green tea.

Let it cool for a few hours but make sure to finish it the same day as it would turn more bitter if left for a longer period of time. This cup of iced green tea would be an absolute savior that anyone would love to have. Moreover, adding some healthy sweeteners and a squeeze of lemon would amplify the taste. Therefore, the addition of fruits and flower blossoms would be an absolute success. 

Final Words

Green tea is widely accepted for it’s myriad of health benefits and apparently we have the bitter taste that comes with it. Therefore, to relish all the benefits of green tea the bitterness has to be consumed but fortunately we can reduce the bitterness. Going for a flavored green tea with some herbal infusions is a great option to go for. However, to add a twist of your own, you can add fresh herbs and spices to add a delightful taste to your tea ritual. 

With an appropriate brewing technique the strong taste of green tea is successfully minimized. In a nutshell, all of us want a tea that is suitable for our body and taste buds at the same time. Nevertheless, how to make green tea taste good without sugar is successfully answered in our heads. 

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