6 Tips on How To Store The Amazing Loose Leaf Tea!!

6 Tips on How To Store The Amazing Loose Leaf Tea!!

What’s better than a flavorful fresh cup of tea with hot vapors swirling and entering the nostrils giving a zesty fresh breath and a relaxing effect? But what about the deteriorated oxidized tea with cliched aroma of various spices and food stuffs? No one would like to screw their day with it.  So now the question pops: how to store loose leaf tea in a proper way that it does not become flavorless and oxidized. Explore everything you need to know about proper storage from loose leaf tea storage tins to several other loose leaf tea storage ideas.

Loose Leaf Tea Storage

The freshness of flavors of loose leaf tea oxidizes and withers away easily as it is said that it absorbs all the flavors and aroma of the lingering food and spices so to save the premature ageing of your tea here is a savior guide to keep the freshness eternal.

6 Tips on How To Store The Amazing Loose Leaf Tea!!

1. Avoid Direct Contact From Sunlight/Light Source

Sunlight is a primary source for light and heat which are both enemies of loose leaf tea. Heat and light both deteriorate the freshness and quality of loose leaf tea which further soaks away all the freshness that causes premature ageing of loose leaf tea. The best option is a stainless steel container which is available as loose leaf tea storage tins but as a backup it is preferable to use colored glass containers as it blocks the entrance for the source of light. Light also swaps the refreshing flavors of tea with metallic ones.

2. Use Properly Sealed Containers

Using tight sealed containers is the key. Using stainless steel or tin cans with a proper tight seal is the best option to go for but if you do not have them then colored glass containers with tight sealing or lids are also okay to use. Now if your tea was delivered to you in a paper bag then you can store it in it for approximately 30 days but storing loose leaf tea in plastic containers deteriorates the quality of the tea quickly as they can absorb humidity or odors easily through plastic containers.

Plus it is also preferred to buy and store tea in bulk as it blocks the entrance and home for air which keeps it fresh for a longer time. And if you do not have access to sealable containers then placing the tea leaves into a sealable airtight bag and then placing into a container would be the best alternative. Also if none of these are available at your place then going for an airtight bag and adding a line of aluminum foil at the edges makes a perfect temporary backup.

3. Avoid Contact From Strong Odors

If you do not want the essence of your last night dinner in your morning cup of tea then keeping a separate cabinet for loose leaf teas are best. As loose leaf tea absorbs essence and odors of spices and food stuffs rapidly so keeping the tea cabinet away from these kitchen spices and food items is preferable. Separating the loose leaf tea from any sorts of lingering smells and odors is suggested. Also separating the various strong flavored teas from loose leaf teas is a must.

4. Keep Away From Any Heat Source

Heat is definitely not a friend of loose leaf tea so keeping it away is preferable as it degrades the quality and freshness of tea. So storing loose leaf tea at a moderate room temperature or maybe a little cooler but the temperature should be above 50 degrees Fahrenheit. And avoiding a variation of temperature hampers the life of tea. In a nutshell keeping the tea cabinets away from the stove or heat is suggested. Apart from excess temperature, make sure to not store loose leaf tea in refrigerators too as it causes dampness and excessive humidity stealing away all the flavors.

5. No Contact From Moisture Before Steeping

As mentioned above, loose leaf absorbs moisture and humidity rapidly so keeping a few measures in mind is suggested:

  • Avoid using moist spoons, utensils or hands while using loose leaf tea.
  • Storing loose leaf tea in refrigerators is absolutely bad and wrong as it increases the dampness which further takes away the flavors.
  • Even a little amount of moistness is enough to ruin the quality and freshness of tea.
  • Airtight sealable containers are the best option available for storing loose leaf tea.
  • Keep an eye on moldy tea leaves and throw them out immediately as it ruins the complete tea.

6. Organize Your Teas

Organizing and making proper notes of different flavors definitely is the key amongst all those proper loose leaf tea storage ideas. In Addition to the freshness it also checks mix and matching of flavors which saves time and cravings. Alphabetically arranging or separating on the basis of flavors or dates purchases is some of the choices to go for.

Do’s And Don’ts

  • Avoid using plastic containers.
  • Throw out moldy leaves immediately.
  • Keep loose leaf tea away from strong odors and smells.
  • Prefer storing at moderate room temperature.
  • Use colored glass bottles and not sheer or transparent ones.
  • Use a dark cabinet and an airtight sealable container.

6 Tips on How To Store The Amazing Loose Leaf Tea!!

Final Words

Loose Leaf Tea storage might sound much of a complicated task but it is not really that daunting rather quite easy. Organizing and storing them in proper loose leaf tea storage containers is the only key to extend their freshness. Loose leaf tea is a little on the expensive side so managing and keeping an eye on their consumption is what really matters. Nowadays, loose leaf tea tins are easily available but for temporary options there a variety detailed above.

Loose leaf teas are quite aesthetic and attractive but unfortunately, that can’t be showcased in a sheer glass container but organizing them with proper notes can steal eyes away. Plus organization of a tea cabinet checks the mixing of flavors and also considers acknowledgment of individual flavors in the vicinity. Hence, how to store loose leaf tea is no more a problem rather it might get a matter of interest.

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