The Outstanding Lychee Tea's Recipes And Benefits!!

The Outstanding Lychee Tea’s Recipes And Benefits!!

Tea is a delicious beverage which adds liveliness to our boring life. Tea is the second most consumed liquid on earth after water. Not only in India but tea is considered a favorite beverage in other countries too! Tea is recognized by its delicious taste and strong aroma. Basically tea can be classified as caffeine infused tea, decaffeinated tea and caffeine free tea. One such tea is lychee tea!

Caffeine free tea are those drinks which are not categorized under the head of actual tea but are eventually named as tea. These tea are not made from Camellia Sinensis but plant roots, seeds, flowers, leaves or fruits and spices are used to make caffeine free tea.

Taking briefly about the history of lychee tea, the tea has evidence during the Tang dynasty about 1000 years ago. This tea became popular during that period and was enjoyed by superior as well as inferior classes. But there are no proofs regarding the origin of this tea. Few reports state that the tea was created coincidently when lychees and black tea got mixed during transport. Nevertheless today this tea is one of the popular beverages among the population.

The Outstanding Lychee Tea's Recipes And Benefits!!

Lychee tea is made out of small reddish lychee fruit and can also be termed as herbal tea. The lychee fruit has 70% of water content in it and is a good source of vitamin B, vitamin C and potassium. The tea made out of lychee fruit is taken as a drink or used as a medicine. This tea is a goldmine of antioxidants and is used to cure fever, pain and urination. The tea can be taken as a healthy drink during dieting or enjoyed after a heavy meal to promote a good digestion process.

It is natural and simple tea with a fruity aroma. This tea has a sweet and aromatic taste but it keeps on changing based on people’s choice and preferences.

Every person reading this article can enjoy different tasting notes of lychee tea, it may taste like –

  •       Slightly rose flavor
  •       Hint of grapefruit
  •       Coconut flavor
  •       Pear fruit
  •       Watermelon fruit
  •       Tropical flavors

How to make lychee tea?

Recipe for making this tea is very simple and can be prepared within less time. While selecting lychee fruit for tea, it is very important to pick good quality fruit, so what should be observed while buying the fruit? The solution for this query is that fruits should have red bright skin and when pressed little should be soft in nature. As you have well ripened fruit let’s start preparing this delicious tea –

Ingredients –

  •       Lychee fruits
  •       Water

Equipment’s –

  •       Teapot or saucepan
  •       Cups

Time Required –

  • 5 to 7 Minutes

Process –

  •       Wash the lychees properly
  •       Peel off the cover and remove the seed
  •       Cut the inner part into small pieces
  •       Add water and lychee pieces in the pan and start boiling
  •       As tea starts boiling low the heat and let is simmer for 2 to 3 minutes
  •       Lastly off the heat and strain into cups
  •       Enjoy it hot!

Chef Notes –

  •       Add cinnamon powder to make tea more tasty
  •       Garnish with lychee plant leaf to make tea look more pretty

Complementary Recipe –

  •       Instead of straining the tea into cups, pour the entire tea mixture into airtight container
  •       Store it in the refrigerator for 2 to 3 hours
  •       Later add ice cubes in highball glass and strain the tea
  •       Garish it with some mint leaves and lemon slice
  •       Your lychee iced tea is ready!

Benefits of lychee tea –

  •       The tea works good for hair as it makes hair smooth and shiny
  •       It improves skin texture and protects skin from harmful substances
  •       Lychee tea cures anxiety and makes you feel fresh
  •       It remove out all the toxins from the body
  •       It helps to reduce menstrual pains

The Outstanding Lychee Tea's Recipes And Benefits!!

Lychee Black Tea –

The leaves of Camellia Sinensis are generally oxidized and fermented to prepare black tea. In case of lychee black tea, the leaves are scented with flavors of lychee fruit. This tea has a strong and fruity aroma with sweet flavors. This tea is loaded with lots of proteins, carbohydrates, minerals. This tea is widely available and is popularly known by the people.

Benefits of lychee black tea –

  •       This tea is rich in antioxidants and helps to reduce stress and depression
  •       Helps in good digestion process
  •       This tea is boosts the energy level and maintain balance in immune system of the body
  •       It kills the fat cells and promotes weight loss
  •       It protects the body from cardiovascular diseases and cancer
  •       This tea controls cell damage and promotes cell generation

Lychee Green Tea –

For preparing green tea, the leaves of Camellia Sinensis undergo less processing work compared to black tea and are unoxidized. Lychee green tea is prepared from dried green tea leaves with scented flavors of lychee fruit. It enhances the mood and makes you feel fresh and relaxed. The tea is light and pale in color with mild grassy flavor. This tea goes down of nutrients such as fibers, potassium, vitamins. As this tea contains less caffeine it is switched by many people.

Benefits of lychee green tea –

  •       This tea protects bones and maintains accurate bone density
  •       Being less in caffeine it promotes good oral and breath
  •       It helps in brain functioning and boosts memory
  •       It is remedy to cure diabetes and blood pressure
  •       It is one of the best aid for weight loss

Lychee Bubble Tea –

The lychee bubble tea is made from Boba pearls. These pearls are obtained from tapioca, which is a type of starch from cassava root. These Boba are marble sized spheres with fairly neutral flavors. Boba is referred to as chunky drinks or food. This type of tea is most popular in Taiwan and with the help of modernization adopted all over the world. It will be very interesting to know the recipe for making it!

How to make lychee bubble tea?

Recipe for making this unique tea is as follow –

Ingredients –

  •       Lychee flavored tea powder (either green tea or black tea)
  •       Boba pearls
  •       Water

Equipment’s –

  •       Teapots
  •       Highball glass

Time required –

  • 10 to 12 Minutes

Steps –

  •       Add lychee tea powder and water in one teapot and start boiling it
  •       As mixture of water and tea starts boiling low the heat and let it simmer for 5 to 6 minutes
  •       On the other side, add Boba pearls in water and start boiling them until they start floating on the surface
  •       Strain the bubbles and add it in sugar syrup
  •       Now strain the tea in highball glass and then add the bubbles from sugar syrup
  •       Enjoy your amazing tea

Chef Notes –

  •       Add cream to make it more tastier
  •       You can preserve Boba bubbles in sugar syrup for several days and reused

Lychee Jelly Bubble Tea –

Ever wondered enjoying a tea with jelly in it? Sounds similar to drinks in fairy land, but surprisingly you can enjoy this fairy potion in the real world. You can get these holy benefits in lychee jelly bubble tea. This tea has its own special characteristics. To enjoy this amazing drink all you need is follow the below process.

  •       Prepare the tea by following above recipe in this article
  •       Prepare jelly from lychee fruits – by adding chopped lychees, gelatin, water and sugar together
  •       Pour tea and add prepare jelly in a cup
  •       Add chocolate syrup to make tea more delicious
  •       Enjoy your lychee jelly bubble tea!

Where to buy lychee jelly bubble tea?

After reading about this amazing tea, all you wonderful people are curious to know the best place for buying lychee bubble tea. You need to just roll your eyes on this interesting dropdown list –

  •       Buy from nearby supermarket
  •       Grocery shops
  •       In your favorite mall
  •       Any departmental store
  •       Buy it online
  •       You can enjoy prepared tea in restaurants or cafes

Precautions to follow –

  •       The average consumption of this tea should be limited to 3 cups
  •       Pregnant or breast-feeding women should switch this tea only after consulting with doctor
  •       People having allergies should completely avoid this tea
  •       People having problem of nervous disorder should also avoid this tea

The Outstanding Lychee Tea's Recipes And Benefits!!

The Final Words –

Similar to lychee fruits, lychee tea is popular worldwide. This tea is pocket friendly and almost affordable by every category of people. The tea method for preparing tea is very simple and tea can be easily included in the daily diet. Tea has many health benefits and cures many severe diseases. The tea is supremely wonderful and has its own essential qualities. Let’s together adopt these amazing qualities into us and enjoy a cup of the outstanding lychee tea!

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