Do You Know About The Delicious Milk Thistle Tea? Let’s Know More!

Through the years, tea is one of the beverages that have become a crucial part of our lives, not only because of the flavor we relish also because of its benefit in our daily life. It is not surprising to see that a lot of households, especially in India, drink beverages like teas twice a day.

Today we are going to talk about one of those tea varieties in the name of milk thistle tea.

Do you know about the delectable Milk thistle tea? Let's know with us!!

What is milk thistle tea?

Milk thistle is also known as Silybum Marianum is an herb that is said to have many beneficial properties. This herb has a flower that is used to make tea. The tea is native to some regions of Europe and North America also. The herb has been used as a medicine to cure people for centuries. Mainly the fruit and seeds of this herb are used for various purposes for some traditional rituals in Asia as well as Europe. Let’s learn more about this tea!

Benefits of milk thistle tea

If you are wondering about what this tea is good for, then we are more than happy to provide you with the major health benefits of this tea!

  • Promotes liver health

One of the major benefits of milk thistle tea is that this tea has been used to support liver health and treat liver problems. This is possible because of the compound present in this tea called silymarin. This compound has antioxidants that have powers for curing liver health. Hence this tea is marked as an ultra-cleansing beverage that has immense benefits.

  • Reduces cholesterol

The antioxidants present in the tea promotes stable cholesterol levels in the body. If the cholesterol is high in the body, it can lead to heart problems and perhaps heart stroke also. It is important to have a balanced cholesterol level in the body. Moreover, a study was conducted in which it was found that the people having milk thistle tea had experienced lower levels of cholesterol in just a few months.

  • Helps in Diabetics treatment

The thistle tea components and antioxidants lower the risk of diabetes and heart-related problems as well. The doctors recommend this tea as medicine in the South American region. The tea also helps in maintaining optimum sugar levels in the blood. This tea also reduces insulin resistance which is a problem for people with type 2 diabetes. This tea also reduces the sugar level in the blood, which can be harmful to the body. This also prevents problems related to kidneys.

  • Cancer treatment

The seeds and flowers of milk thistle are blessed with some amazing abilities, the components of this tea help in preventing cancer up to some extent. However, it may not be an optimum solution to cure cancer but it surely helps in reducing the risk of cancer or spread of cancer.

  • Stress buster

The milk thistle tea improves resistance against stress because of its health properties. It is also said to cure mental health and help a person to feel fresh and energized the whole day. This tea has nutrients and vitamins also that help in improving calcium in the body which makes the bones stronger.

  • Boosts immunity

This tea improves a person’s immunity and increases the count of white blood cells in the body to fight infection and diseases. A study has been conducted on this topic, and it was concluded that it improves immune help when taken regularly.

  • Reduces weight

It compounds help in improving digestive glands and make your life healthier and fresher. It is proven from a study that yerba mate tea tends to reduce fat cells in the body. It is a great drink to reduce belly fat and improve metabolism.

Do you know about the delectable Milk thistle tea? Let's know with us!!

  • Improved skin condition

The dry skin or scars on the skin can be reduced with the supplements of the thistle tea. The antioxidants cure the acne on the skin with a compound called silymarin. This compound provides care to the skin.

Where to buy milk thistle tea?

The best way to buy it is through line sites because it is not usually grown in India. The perks of buying this product online are timely delivery and the advantage of exchanging or returning your item, in case of any product related issues. Apart from this, it is always better to stay home and order away, instead of actually stepping out!

How to make milk thistle tea?

The tea can be found in the form of dry leaf and in the form of tea bags also. It is usually sold as a leaf in some of the native places. In urban cities, tea bags are more effective. The tips for making a splendid cup of thistle tea are as simple as any other tea! All you need to do is follow this quick and small recipe to get a better version of your everyday cup of tea!


  • Thistle tea leaves or tea bags
  • Honey or sugar (optional)


  1. Take a saucepan and heat some water. Let the water boil for 2-3 minutes
  2. Add the milk thistle leaves or tea bag.
  3. Let it steep for 15-20 minutes.
  4. Add flavoring like sugar/honey, if you want your tea on a sweeter note.
  5. Give it a stir. Pour the brewing hot milk thistle tea in your cup and enjoy it with every sip!


However, this tea is considered a safe drink. The studies have shown that 1% of people experience side effects when taken in large quantities, it is advised that 2 doses per day are the optimum amount. Some people are told to be cautious before taking it.

Final words

It is not only a safe beverage for tea lovers, but it also shows potential as a complementary therapy for various conditions, including liver disease, cancer, and diabetes. However, it is not scientifically proven that it can be taken as medicine but it is still considered a very healthy drink that one must definitely try!

Do you know about the delectable Milk thistle tea? Let's know with us!!

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