Lets know about the most caffeinated tea!

The Best and Most Caffeinated Tea!

While coffee might be the go-to drink for a good deal of caffeine for many people but you might not want to guzzle down a bitter cup of black coffee to get that caffeine in your system! The best alternative is a cup of high caffeinated tea. Quite obviously tea does not contain as much caffeine as coffee but the ones who prefer tea over coffee or the ones hoping to quit your caffeine addiction can go for the most caffeinated tea to get the kick of caffeine you have been wanting.

Lets know about the most caffeinated tea!

Just like coffee, the levels of caffeine in most teas are dependent on a number of factors. Despite the fact that black, green, oolong, milk teas are derived from the same plant “Camellia sinensis” and are known as “true teas”, the caffeine level in each drink is different. So, before we head on to listing the most caffeinated tea, it is necessary for you to know that the energy boost from the caffeinated teas is different from that of coffee.

Here is a list of the most highly caffeinated teas:

Yerba Mate

While most teas are made from Camellia sinensis plants, Yerba Mate is made from the leaves of the rainforest holly tree. Yerba Mate is a great tea for health benefits because of its healthy antioxidants. In addition to that, it also offers approximately 85 mg of caffeine per cup.

So if you are wondering about the most caffeinated tea, we present to you Yerba Mate. Its caffeine content is so high that it is short of 5 mg of caffeine when compared to a standard cup of coffee. So, if you want to kick start your day with a healthy boost, yerba mate is the way to go!

Matcha Tea

An invigorating variety of tea, Matcha tea is made from stone-ground leaves of green tea. So when you are drinking matcha, you are actually consuming the entire tea leaf. Matcha tea is one of the caffeinated green teas because the approximate value of caffeine contained in a cup of matcha is 75 mg.

This tea also contains a hefty dose of catechins, L-theanine, and polyphenols. It is an extremely refreshing healthy beverage because the catechins in matcha tea support cellular and metabolic health and polyphenols are a type of antioxidants.

Pu’er Tea

Pu’er tea (also spelled Pu’er tea) is rich in antioxidants that help in weight loss and promote good heart health. It is a fermented tea and has probiotic properties that make the skin healthy and glowing. The best thing about Pu’er tea is, however, it’s the high caffeine content. It is a caffeinated tea and contains about 60-70 mg caffeine in each cup.

Black Tea

The next one in this list of caffeinated teas is black tea. It is similar to matcha as it contains high levels of the antioxidant called polyphenol and is known for its content of theaflavins which are super beneficial for health. A single cup of black tea contains about 50 mg of caffeine.

Black tea is more advantageous than coffee because it promotes a healthy heart, normal blood pressure, and healthy weight management. It has strong, robust flavours which make it the best choice for you if you’re looking for a drink to substitute your coffee with. We have listed the best black teas that you can get hold of to kick start your day:

  1. English Breakfast tea
  2. Earl Grey tea
  3. Darjeeling tea
  4. Ceylon tea
  5. Assam tea
  6. Chai tea

If you are heading towards Starbucks, the Chai latte there happens to be the most caffeinated tea at Starbucks, along with Teavana which also is high in caffeine content.

Lets know about the most caffeinated tea!

Oolong Tea

Oolong tea, a traditional Chinese tea, is brewed from the leaves of the Camellia Sinensis plant which also happens to be the source of green and black tea. However, oolong tea is neither green nor black tea and is different from both because of its unique processing technique.

A cup of oolong tea contains about 40 mg of caffeine – a little less than that in black tea. Thus, oolong tea is also lighter and sweeter than black tea. However, it is a very healthy beverage containing essential minerals and vitamins.

So, if you are trying to avoid a lot of caffeine intake and still want a boost of it, a cup of oolong would be the best choice for you.

Green Tea

Green tea, a widely popular health beverage, is not just beneficial to your health but also is one of the teas among the caffeinated teas. However, its caffeine content is not as much as oolong and black tea. A cup of oolong tea offers about 25 mg of caffeine. The relatively low caffeine content also makes it an ideal drink for you to sip on throughout the day.

Green tea promotes faster digestion of food which is why it is a perfect post-meal drink. However, if your sleep cycle gets affected by caffeine, avoid drinking it after dinner. Either in teabag form or loose-leaf form, a little stash of green tea in your office desk will actually help you get through the day.

White Tea

Among all the teas, white tea has the lightest caffeine level. Approximately every cup of white contains about 13 mg of caffeine. It is similar to green tea and can be consumed throughout the day, in between consumptions of other higher caffeinated teas. White tea offers a very soothing level of caffeine which will give you the boost you have been looking for but without the jitters.

White tea is also rich in L-theanine and other antioxidants which promote good health. This can be an ideal upgrade from your regular cup of afternoon coffee with a lot of health benefits and great flavours!

Why choose caffeinated teas?

The most important work of caffeine is to kick away your drowsy mood and keep you awake and active, hence that is the reason why a cup of coffee or a cup of black tea is often consumed by people who work late at night. A cup or two of caffeine teas in between your busy schedule will definitely help you in concentrating on your work!

These teas are advised to be consumed during the day time, preferably early in the morning with your breakfast platter, or in the evening, to de-stress yourself from the heavy work pressure! Consumption of these teas during the night can disturb your sleeping routine and end up giving you a bad headache the next morning! Unless you have to work or stay active during the night time, you can enjoy your solitude with a cup of hot and brewing cup of tea to kick away your drowsiness!

Final words:

Whether you are trying to cut down on your coffee intake and looking for other healthy alternatives or have a strange dislike for coffee because it is so bitter and you do not want the additional calories from the artificial sweeteners, these teas with the most caffeine content are what you have been looking for! We all need the energy to survive through the day and these teas will help you sail through it.

These drinks will boost your energy without having you to worry about the unpleasant side effects of high caffeine levels from coffee. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead and try out these teas and swap your morning cup of coffee with these and cruise through your day!

Lets know about the most caffeinated tea!

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