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Papaya Leaves Tea – The Medicinal Tea and its Benefits

Papaya, the tropical tree-like plant is native to Mexico and can grow as tall as 30 feet or more. Today papaya is one of the most widely cultivated plants all around the world. Papaya is an unconventional and versatile fruit that can be eaten raw as well as ripe. All the parts of the papaya plant including roots, leaves, and fruit have medicinal value. Raw papaya leaves have been used as a vegetable in many cuisines and tea made from papaya leaves has various medicinal qualities.

Although research is still in its infancy, papaya leaves are used to make tablets, juices and more often than not to treat illnesses and promote health in numerous ways. 

Papaya leaf tea extract is said to improve blood platelet levels in those patients who are suffering from Dengue fever. Its medicinal characteristics are also helpful for the treatment of diabetes and blood sugar. Papaya leaves also contain compounds that have potential anti-inflammatory effects.

Benefits of Papaya Leaves Tea

benefits of papaya leaves tea

  • Possible Cure for Cancer:

Papaya leaves tea have proven effective in the treatment of cancer. The immune-modulating properties of papaya leaf tea may prove useful in the treatment of allergies as well as a vital component in some vaccines.

  • Cure against Ulcers:

Papaya leaf tea has been known to protect against gastric ulcers. Studies have shown that the extract from papaya leaves has reduced ulcer severity and showed strong antioxidant effects. Consumption of papaya leaf tea has proved beneficial in curing gastric ulcers and oxidative stress on the stomach.

  • Cure against Gastrointestinal illnesses: 

The enzyme papain in papaya leaves aids in the digestion of proteins and is also useful for treating gastrointestinal disorders. Papaya leaves tea can relieve heartburn and is also an appetite stimulant.

  • Aids Digestion:

Papaya leaves tea also helps in the digestion of wheat protein gluten, which is difficult for some individuals that may lead to causing an autoimmune condition known as “Coeliac disease”. Though research is still at its preliminary stage, studies have shown that consumption of this blend may be harmful to such individuals.

  • Prevents Bloating:

Papaya leaves are rich in enzymes and chymopapain that aid in digestion, prevent bloating and other digestive disorders.

  • Helps fight balding:

The alkaloid compound found in papaya leaf tea helps fight against dandruff and balding. This brew also contains a high level of Vitamin A, C, E, K, and B.

  • Acts as a Laxative:

The infusion of papaya leaves in tea acts as a laxative and helps alleviate the problems like constipation due to the amount of vast fiber content. Papaya leaf tea is ideal for preventing kidney stones.  Papaya leaf extract contains amino acids like glycine, glutamic acid, tyrosine, and alanine.

  • Good for Skincare:

Papaya tea can also be used to cleanse the skin because of its karpaine compounds which help eliminate bacteria and toxins. The application of papaya leaf masks and juices is not new to the skin and hair care regime. Papaya leaf extract contains flavonoids and Vitamin E that help in boosting hair growth and promotes glowing skin. Also, Papaya leaf enzymes are used to cure wounds and repair scar tissues.

How to Dry Papaya Leaves for Tea

Teabags are easily available in the market or can be purchased online, but if you are keen on drying the papaya leaves yourself, here is our guide to how you can.

  • For speeding up the drying process you need to obtain leaves that are harvested during early summer or late spring.
  • Cut the leaves towards the end of the day to let the leaves dehydrate. Wash and pat dry the papaya leaves.
  • Trim the stem, wrap them in twine and store them in a cool dark place for them to dry out naturally. This takes about 4-5 weeks.
  • To test if the leaves have completely dried out, squeeze them, if they crack then the papaya leaves have completely dried.
  • Break the leaves by cutting or tearing them so that they fit into a tea strainer. 
  • Store these papaya leaves tea in an air-tight jar and use as and when required.

How to make Papaya Leaves Tea 

Smooth, delicious, and creamy papaya leaves tea is a perfect beverage that lifts your mood along with having multiple health benefits. This natural energy-boosting beverage is filled with digestive enzymes. Papaya leaves tea recipe is fairly simple. You will need the below-mentioned ingredients.

  • Your choice of papaya leaf tea – organic or regular.
  • 1 cup of boiling water.
  • 3/4th cup milk (regular or almond milk)
  • 1 tablespoon of sugar, maple syrup, or honey.
  • 1/4th teaspoon vanilla extract (optional)


  • Pour boiling water over the tea bags and allow them to steep till you achieve the desired flavor and depth.
  • While the tea is steeping, take milk in a saucepan and bring it to a boil on low flame.
  • Now transfer the steeped tea and the milk from the saucepan into a blender.
  • Add the remaining ingredients to the blender.
  • Blend the above ingredients until you achieve a creamy, frothy texture.
  • Pour this blend into a mug and serve.


The flavor profile has earthy tones and a nutty punch. The color is rich and has a brownish golden hue. What sets this tea apart from other blends is its natural healing qualities and its soothing flavor. It is a great source of magnesium and phosphorus.

This beverage can be enjoyed as a hot beverage but tastes great as an Iced tea too. Herbal Papaya leaves tea is a great purchase too. Papaya leaf tea is gentle with a mildly bitter taste and can taste similar to green tea. 

Make sure that you do not steep your teabag for a long duration as the tea tends to turn extremely bitter and not palatable. Papaya leaves tea is available in tea bags and can be purchased online as well as in stores.

Final Words

Incorporating a wide range of fruits and vegetables into your daily diet is one of the best ways to stay fit and healthy. Papaya with its many health benefits can be consumed in any form and adds nutritional value to your meal. Similarly, papaya leaves tea contains a variety of vitamins, enzymes, and proteins that add to the health value while consumption. 

Make sure you consult your general physician if you are suffering from a pre-existing condition before you decide to brew a cup of papaya leaf tea. It is said to cause complications if it reacts with the medication. 



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