Worried about your health? Learn about the best tea for Bloating and Weight Loss!

You may be one of the millions of people around the world, who believe food is the way to the heart. You love nothing in this world, as much as a tasty dish. Ordering in, or cooking delicacies is nothing new for you. You are a food lover, and nothing but a tasty and delicious meal fills your heart with pure joy.

However, such food may often contain an excessive amount of oils and fats, and the preparation of such items may not follow safety and cleanliness like Ramsey’s kitchen. While these items have a great taste, they often have bad effects on your body too. Unexpected weight gain, bloating, excessive gas formation, sudden stomach aches, frequent burping, and belching can be several side effects, when your true love is food, and you are a foodie in the truest sense. Doctors can prescribe medicines to keep you in better shape, but nothing beats how tea can help you out.

best tea for Bloating and Weight Loss

This herbal beverage can help you take care of your health, like no other. Tea is the best medicine for weight loss and to prevent bloating. Though there are several teas, which are extremely healthy, there are some that surpass others in their qualities. Let us read about the best tea for bloating and weight loss.

Best Tea for Bloating and Gas

Gas and Bloating problems are not uncommon if you love food, and have a very unhealthy diet. Though there are several varieties of unhealthy tea to help you with it, the best tea for bloating is Peppermint Tea. Besides peppermint Tea, we at TeaSwan also offer several other types that can help you with your bloating and weight loss.

Peppermint Tea

In the current tea industry, nothing seems to beat Peppermint Tea, when you want to discuss the best tea for gas and bloating. Traditionally, peppermint, obtained from the Mentha Piperita plant is believed to soothe the digestive system because of its cool and refreshing flavor.

Several studies conducted on peppermint tea show that it contains plant compounds called flavonoids, which inhibit the activity of mast cells. Mast cells are part of your immune system, found in the gut, which may sometimes result in bloating. Peppermint relaxes the gut and relieves intestinal spasms, bloating, and related pains.

Peppermint oil capsules alleviate abdominal pain and other digestive symptoms. A single tea bag of peppermint tea contains roughly six times the amount of peppermint oil in capsules. So, it is quite potent in relieving your digestion related problems, including gas and bloating, which makes it the best tea for bloating!

Green Tea

Nothing is better than green tea if you aim to lose weight and get rid of excess belly fat. Several studies have been carried out to show the weight loss effects green tea has.

Green tea has a high concentration of antioxidants known as catechins, which are often linked to weight loss and fat loss. Matcha, a type of powdered green tea, has similar health benefits and helps a lot in weight loss.

The presence of catechins increases the concentration of antioxidants already occurring in your body, and it boosts your metabolism and increases fat burning. Studies show that a 12-week regular green tea consumption can lower your body weight by as much as 7 pounds.

Lemon Balm Tea

Obtained from the Melissa Officinalis plant, Lemon balm tea has a citric aroma and a slight sweet-sour flavor. As this plant is a part of the mint family, the lemon balm tea also has hints of mint and has a refreshing and cool flavor. Medical professionals believe that lemon balm tea relieves mild digestion issues including bloating and gas.

Scientists and researchers have even conducted human studies, which have only proved the potency of Lemon Balm Tea in curing and decreasing abdominal pain, constipation, and other digestive symptoms.

Lemon balm is an important ingredient for Iberogast. Iberogast is a liquid digestive medicine, prepared from nine different herbal extracts. It is widely used and available in North America and Europe. It can be procured online in most parts of the world as well.
With its sweet and sour citric taste, this is probably the best tea for cramps and bloating.

best tea for Bloating and Weight Loss

Woodworm Tea

Tea made from Woodworm (Artemisia absinthium) herb has a bitter taste and is often described by experts to be an ‘acquired taste’. This leafy green herb can be steeped with lemon and honey to reduce the bitterness and give a better flavor gradient.

Woodworm is often used for the production of digestive bitters, which are supplements for supporting digestion. Little amounts of woodworm can relieve indigestion or discomfort in the upper abdomen. This herb stimulates your digestive system and releases digestive juices to help optimize your digestion and decrease bloating.

It also kills parasites and bacteria, which can cause bloating. A cup of woodworm tea can be easily produced by steeping about one teaspoon of dried herb for five minutes.

However, woodworm contains thujone, which can be harmful during pregnancy, as it causes uterine contractions.

Gentian Root Tea

Roots of the Gentiana lutea plant can be used to make tea, which can help with your digestion problems. The tea has a sweet taste but can leave a bitter after-taste. No wonder people prefer mixing it with chamomile tea and honey before consumption.

Often, Gentian Root has been used in medicinal products and herbal teas to help with digestive issues like bloating, and gas. The root extract is also used for digestive bitter. The presence of iridoids and flavonoids stimulate the release of digestive juices and bile to break down food and help in digestion; thus reducing bloating.

However, it is responsible for increasing stomach acidity. If you have an ulcer, it is better to stay away from this tea, as it may cause more harm than benefit.

Angelica Root Tea

The roots of the Angelica archangelica plant can be used to make tea. This herb, a part of the celery family, produces a bitter flavored tea, which can be made better by steeping with lemon balm tea.

Extract from Angelica Roots is used for the production of Iberogast and other herbal digestive medicines. The bitter component stimulates the production of digestive juices and promotes healthy and complete digestion.

However, it is best to avoid Angelica Root Tea during pregnancy, as not enough studies have been conducted on its safety.

Best Detox Tea for Bloating

Detox tea helps a lot in cleaning your body of the toxins which are built up because of the intake of unhealthy food. Usually, detox teas are a mixture of several teas like green tea, oolong tea, black tea, and many more.

Detox teas have impressive health benefits and help a lot in reducing water weight loss of the human body. It helps the body get rid of gas and other redundant stuff in the body. Detox tea is really very helpful if you want to eliminate all toxins from your body. However, detox tea loses the taste and flavor of any particular variety of tea leaves, since it is a mixture.

What is the best tea for bloating?

This is not a very hard question to answer, but it is very tricky. Peppermint Tea may be the industry best, but as a foodie, you must be well aware that nothing is the best until it passes judgment from your taste buds! You can choose any of the mentioned above that can help with weight loss and bloating problems.

If there is any discrepancy to occur, our tea experts are always there to help you out!

Final Words:

‘Which tea is best for bloating and gas?’ is a question you must answer. It is your preference that matters when you purchase tea. Satisfying your palate, is the way to your heart, so why drink tea, which does not satisfy you?

We have listed the best tea for weight loss and bloating, but if you are unsure of what to try, we are there to help you with your choice. We would love to offer you samples with your purchase so that you can try and understand which tea you like over the other!

best tea for Bloating and Weight Loss

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