Tea leaf Infusers

4 Best Tea leaf Infusers that can make your life easier!

Brewing the perfect cup of tea has always been an art for the entire existence of human beings (we mean after tea was invented of course). Each tea has its own essence and if it is not brewed the right way then what is the point of drinking it anyway. A perfect cup of tea brings out all the beautiful qualities and tasty notes of it.

Besides the traditional ways of making teas, the next best way to brew is by using tea infusers. Now, you may have questions like “Why tea leaf infusers?”, “What do they do?” or “How to use them?”, we shall be covering all those questions and more in this article leaving no space for doubts.

Tea leaf Infusers

What are tea leaf infusers?

A Tea Infuser is a device (of various shapes and sizes) that is used to steep or brew loose leaf teas by putting the tea leaves in it and then suspending it in the container of hot water (be it a mug or a kettle). Most tea infusers are made of fine mesh wiring or other such metal materials that are heat resistant like stainless steel. Silicone is another material that is used to make good tea infusers as it is also resistant to heat.

Different types of tea leaf infusers available for you

In general, there are two types of tea infusers available in the market – internal and external tea infusers. Internal tea infusers are those that come with detachable tea infusers inside mugs, kettles, jars, or bottles and can be removed to clean out the used tea leaves. The external tea infusers are those that are not attached to any kettle, mug, or bottle and can be easily removed from the container once the brewing is done.

Internal Tea Infuser


Kettles with tea infusers attached inside them have been a very common household item for many tea lovers. They come in various shapes and sizes, from serving a single person to serving the whole family often. These are readily available in the market, both online and offline, and can be made of materials like glass, stainless steel, etc. Electric Kettle tea infuser is another variation of the same product that works on electricity instead of gas stoves.

How to use Kettle Tea Infusers:

Be it the electric or usual kettle infuser, pour water in it and heat the water until it boils, turn off the stove (switch, in case of the electric one) then put the loose tea leaves in the infuser container and let it steep for about 5 minutes.


There are bottles (usually made of glass) with tea infusers attached available as well. Its function is as same as the Kettle infuser but these bottles are very easy to handle. The Bottle infusers are mainly used for steeping the tea by pouring hot water over it and not boiling it, so in this way, the bottles can be refilled throughout the day.

Not boiling the tea leaves also keeps the bitterness away and allows multiple uses of the same leaves, at least twice or thrice. Since herbal teas do not contain actual tea leaves, the Herbal tea leaves that have a strong flavour can be used throughout the entire day and won’t make your tea bitter or tasteless even once.

These bottles are also good for making iced teas by the Cold Brewing method or refrigerating. Good quality glass bottles that have a double-layered body can keep your tea hot or chilled for hours to come.

Tea leaf Infusers

How to use Bottle Tea Infusers:

To make hot tea, put the tea leaves in the infuser of the bottle and pour hot water over it, let it sit for about 5-6 minutes before consuming the tea. Drink and refill the bottle as and when required (you can throw away the used leaves or use them again as per your preferences).

You can also use the Cold Brewing method which is great for people who prefer to sip their tea slowly throughout the day. Add tea leaves to the infuser and fill the bottle with cold or room temperature water. Allow the concoction to sit for the entire day and drink or refill as and when required.

If you add aromatic herbal teas like peppermint, lemon balm, chamomile, etc, it will not only provide health benefits to you but also add flavour to your boring water and make it more enjoyable. If you want to enjoy a chilled iced tea, use your preferred tea leaves to make the tea and refrigerate the bottle for a few hours, add ice cubes if you like an extra chill and there you have it, your iced tea is ready.


The Mug Infusers have internal infusers attached to glass mugs. You can use it to brew both hot teas and iced teas, and it comes with a lid to keep the warmth intact while steeping. These mug infusers are quite handy as well, as they are of the usual cup/mug sizes. They are very easy to use and travel friendly, with minimum to zero discomforts.

How to use Mug Tea Infusers:

Put your tea leaves in the mug infuser and pour hot water over it to fill the mug. Steep the tea for about 10 minutes.

External Tea Infusers

Chain Tea Infusers-

These are small ball-like tea accessories entirely made of mesh wiring and stainless steel, the ball can be opened into two halves to put in the tea leaves there, close and lock it and then dip it in a mug or kettle, it has a long chain at the top for suspending purposes. These as well come in different shapes and sizes, some have long chains and some have steel handles.

How to use Chain Tea Infusers:

Open the two halves of the ball and put the tea leaves inside it, close and lock the two halves and suspend it inside a kettle or a mug using the long-chain, fill the mug/kettle with boiling water and let it steep for about 10 minutes before taking the infuser out. Add honey or sugar as per your taste and then enjoy your delicious perfectly made cup of tea.

Why should you use tea leaf infusers? Loose-leaf teas vs Tea Bags

Tea infusers make the process of brewing teas very easy. Traditionally, the tea leaves are boiled in a pan or kettle of hot water and then strained using a strainer, which sometimes can be tricky and even messy, haven’t most of us have spilled tea while straining at some point in our lives? (we’re guilty!)

But tea infusers make this job a lot easier, the tea leaves are put inside the mesh wiring and then dipped in hot water for steeping. Later, the tea leaves can be cleaned out directly from the infuser, with no need for straining.

In addition to being user friendly, they are travel friendly as well; their sizes and shapes allow the user to carry them around in pouches or handbags quite comfortably.

The difference between using loose leaf teas and tea bags is huge. Teabags actually contain the dust and fannings (of high-grade tea leaves) that are left behind after the high-grade teas are gathered to be sold. Finely broken tea leaves lose most of their aroma, essential oils, and benefits, this causes a huge compromise in the quality of teas in tea bags.

Moreover, the material from which the bags are made should also be of high quality, or else the micro and nano plastics present can be harmful to the body, which is a matter of concern.


Drinking tea made from loose leaf teas are much healthier and more beneficial than using tea bags. Not only are loose leaf teas better in taste and quality, but they also perform better in your body. This is where the necessity of tea infusers come into the picture. In your daily packed schedule, tea infusers can work wonders and save a lot of time, it’s easy to wash or clean, easy to use and gives amazing results in just a few minutes.

Quality is one area in tea where people should not compromise. A fine cup of tea can only be brewed by a fine infuser.

Tea leaf Infusers

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