The Basic Of Tea Leaf Reading

Tea leaf reading is known as Tasseography. These days many people wanted to know that what lies ahead in the future for them, and this can be done by tea leaf reading. Many people around us know how to read stars and the universe and tell the people that what will going to happen with them in the future. But have you ever thought of someone reading your future through your tea leaves?

Yes! Many people use to tell your fortune using your tea leaves. People have a different sense in them which allows them to read fortune for you through various methods such as reading your stars, universe, and even reading your tea leaves. Now let us know what is the history of tea leaf reading.

History of tea leaf reading

The first tea leaf reading was started in China because people there use to love tea a lot and they know many benefits about different types of tea leaves. It started in the 17th century. Tea was usually the beverage for the upper-class people but as the availability of tea is grown many people started drinking tea and they use to drink it together.

When people use to drink tea they use to discuss many things about their future. People started realizing that they can see many shapes of their discussion in their tea and they started to believe that tea can help them tell their fortune. Then many people started giving doorstep service about telling fortune through tea leaves reading. Tea leaf readers used to tell fortune by interpreting the symbols found in their leaves.

How to Read Tea Leaves

First, make the tea boil it, and then put it into a teapot. Now take a cup that is white and flat at the bottom and does not have any design on its bottom and it should have slightly sloped sides. 

Now, pour the hot tea and enjoy it. Now when you see that you are going to finish your tea then give it a swirl and just think while drinking the tea what you want to see ahead in your lives.

You can see some clouds-like structures start to appear on the tea.

Tea Leaves Symbols

Tea leaves symbols is the tool through which fortune teller understands what is there in your fortune. Many symbols that represent much different meaning but one should have proper knowledge that what the tea leaves want to try to tell them.

tea leaf symbol

How to read Tea Leaves Symbols

Tea leaves symbols to use to interact with each other and that symbol which is near them can change its meaning also. How the symbol displaced in the cup can change its meaning. Here are a few methods through which you can read the tea leaves symbols. 

  1. Divide the cup as one half of the cup is in the left direction and the other half of the cup is in the right direction. Point the cup’s handle in the right direction it will behave as the point of an anchor. Now examine the tea leaves the symbols which you will see on the left side will represent something negative while the symbol you see on the right side will represent something positive.
  2. In this method divide the cup as we have divided in the previous method. But this time you have to use this to answer “yes” or “no” to the question which is asked to us by the person.
  3. In this method, you have to divide the cup into horizontal halves like one half at the bottom and the other half on the top. Now you have to examine the symbols, you will notice that the bottom part will show the past and the half which is of the top will signify the future of the person.

Reading ones own tea leaves

A person can himself read his tea leaves and can know its fortune. Here is the way how you can do it.

First, take some tea leaves in your hand and mediate the question which the answer you want to know. After asking the question take the same leaves to put them in a spoon. Boil some water in the kettle and pour the leaves into it and let it steep. 

Now, start sipping your tea and enjoy it. When you finished your tea then leave the tea leaves into it and put your cup upside down on some plate made of glass. Now, you have to rotate the cup in the clockwise direction three times, then you have to tap the bottom of the cup with spoon three times, then put the cup again in its original position.

Now, notice how tea leaves make the shape. First, see the shape near the handle then look in the middle and then look at the bottom. 

In this way, you will able to read your tea leaves and can able to estimate what will be your future. 

How to read Tea Leaves book 

There are many books available in the market for tea reading but if one does not know how to read it, then it is of no use. There are many tricks through which you can read the book of tea leaves. 

First, every tea has its way of reading, like black tea has its own, green tea has its own and others tea also. But first, we have to find out about which tea we are reading we have to distinguish. Then we have to see what is the procedure of making it and what is the procedure of with a stepwise direction to predict what we want as the result. We have to read the symbols and study the symbols properly because each symbol has its meaning. We have to keep different methods in mind so that we do not make any mistake in the process of telling the fortune.

How to read the meaning of tea leaves

Tea leaves make various symbols and each symbol has its meaning. People need to study these symbols thoroughly and need to understand every symbol and should also feel. In this way, only one can read the tea leaves. 

There are more astonishing ways to read tea leaves and can you even imagine the tea leaves telling fortune. This is something great to know and experiment with your favorite beverage telling your fortune.

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