100 Amazing Tea Quotes That You Must Know??

100 Amazing Tea Quotes That You Must Know!!

  1. Your yawn is a secret scream for High tea! – high tea society
  2. There is no trouble so great and deep that cannot be diminished by a cup of tea! – Paper Ship
  3. Tea is to the body what music is to the soul. – Earlene Grey
  4. A cup of tea is indeed a token of peace! – Sen Sshitsu XV
  5. Would you like to go on an adventure first or should we have our cup of teas? – J.M. Barrie
  6. Don’t accept badly made teas because it simply means they don’t care about you! – Nathalie Emmanuel
  7. People say, ‘money can’t buy happiness’ but you can always buy some tea and that’s pretty much the same thing! – self made (Ahana)
  8. Tea is a hug in the form of a cup!
  9. Tea time is the ‘me time’ that the body and soul craves for! – self made (Ahana)
  10. I got bad habits like I take my tea at three! – The Rolling Stones
  11. Come, let’s have a cup of positivitea! – Pinterest
  12. I’m grateful for the days when all I need to think about is what tea I’m going to have with my snacks! – unknown100 Amazing Tea Quotes That You Must Know??
  13. Make tea and not war! – Monty Python
  14. In a twenty-four hour tea diet! – self made
  15. Ecstasy is a glass full of tea or a mouth filled with tea! – Alexander Puskin
  16. Tea is wealth itself because there is no burden that will not float away between the first and last sip! – The Minister of Leaves, The Republic of Tea
  17. Making the perfect cup of tea is an elegant art! – Katrina Avila Munichiello
  18. Tea can remove all your worries and thirst. – Tibetian saying
  19. Iced tea is the purest and natural creation that has ever been invented. – John Egerton
  20. Tea began as a medicine and turned into a beverage because of its magical properties. – Okakura Kakuzo
  21. Let’s normalize not talking while sipping tea! – self made (Ahana)
  22. Home is the only place where you can make the best cup of tea- just your way! – self made (Ahana)
  23. Great love affairs start with a cup of chai! – self made (Ahana)
  24. A pretty woman looks even more prettier while making a pot of tea! – Mary Elizabeth Braddon
  25. Note to self: Tea helps in dealing with all types of situations. – unknown
  26. The best time to drink tea is now! – unknown
  27. If tea can’t fix any problem, it must be something serious! – unknown
  28. I prefer people to be like my cup of black tea: raw and simple! – self made (Ahana)
  29. Let your tea do the job and take some rest. – unknown
  30. The first sip of morning tea kicks in some inexplicable energy in me! – self made (Ahana)
  31. Feel the tea while you sip it and let it heal your wounds! – self made (Ahana)
  32. Losing weight is just a reason so that I can drink green tea! – unknown100 Amazing Tea Quotes That You Must Know??
  33. May your morning cup of tea be filled with love, peace, drool worthy aroma and some lip-smacking flavors. – self made (Ahana)
  34. Start your day with a cup of tea and let the problems stay away from you. – unknown
  35. Black tea is bitter but better! – unknown
  36. New day and new hope but keep your cup of tea just the same! – unknown
  37. Let us have some tea and talk about all the happy things. – Chaim Potok
  38. Each cup of tea represents an imaginary journey through the good times and the bad times. – unknown
  39. Rainy days should be spent at home with some brewing cups of hot tea and a good book. – Bill Watterson
  40. If you ever get a choice between tea and coffee, you should always ask ‘which type of tea’! – unknown
  41. Tea is the magic key to the vault where my brain rests. – Frances Hardinge
  42. Making the perfect tea is an art of living life. – self made (Ahana)
  43. While there is tea, there is still hope left! – Arthur Wing Pinero
  44. Tea blesses your everyday afternoon with some good vibes and energy. – unknown
  45. Wouldn’t it be dreadful to live in a country with no tea? – Noel Coward
  46. Find yourself a cup of tea and tell me the hundred things that are going on with you. – Saki
  47. If ever offered, I would have nothing else but tea at all times! – Jane Austen
  48. Making tea is the ritual that stops the world from fighting with you. – Jonathan Stroud
  49. A tea is a wonderful drink that can both settle the stomach and make the mind concentrate. – Cassandra Clare
  50. There are a few nicer things than sitting up on the bed like drinking strong tea and reading a book! – Alan Clark
  51. A simple cup of tea keeps you away from simple matters. – Mary Lou Heiss
  52. Starting a day without a cup of tea is like a day wasted! – self made (Ahana)
  53. I just feel like a cup of tea with no milk- disgusting! – Paul Colman
  54. When she is unable to fight further, she makes a pot of tea! – Erin Morgenstern
  55. Along with burning calories with green tea, it burns your guilt too! – self made (Ahana)
  56. I say let the world go to hell, but for me, tea first! – unknown
  57. Don’t look for love everywhere, instead look for teas! – self made (Ahana)
  58. I’m sort of tea addicted because I schedule my day by the number of cups of tea I have! – self made (Ahana)
  59. A tea a day keeps the grumpy mood away! – unknown
  60. Tea helps you to calm down and notice things around you. – unknown
  61. All true tea lovers like their tea to be stronger with each passing sip. – George Orwell
  62. Just a cup of your Favourite tea can be a deep meditation for you! – Rajneesh
  63. If you ask me, ‘how do I take my tea’, I will reply, ‘very seriously!’ – unknown
  64. If you are having troubles, tea is the only solution! – self made (Ahana)
  65. I love my tea from the bottom of my cup! – unknown
  66. Things will get better if you make tea! – Pinterest
  67. The only tea which is always there to save me during my work hours is High Tea! – self made (Ahana)
  68. Today I will live in the moment with a cup of tea in my hand. – Pinterest
  69. When you find your day to be stormy, there can nothing be more calmer than a cup of tea! – unknown
  70. All I crave for is one massive cup of tea. – Catherine
  71. Happiness is dripping your Favourite biscuit in a cup of tea! – unknown
  72. If you can’t sip your tea with us, you can’t sit with us! – self made (Ahana)
  73. Sweet dreams of high tea! – Etsy
  74. Tea is best enjoyed being sipped from your Favourite mug! – unknown
  75. The secret to a balanced life is a cup of tea in one hand and a good book in the other. – unknown
  76. Traffic becomes less boring when you have a cup of tea in your hand. – self made (Ahana)
  77. Tea lovers will agree to this: tea is the cure for everything. – unknown
  78. If you see me drinking my tea, please know that I’m having the best time with myself! – self made (Ahana)
  79. A sip from the hot cup of tea is like having a bath on the inside. – unknown
  80. BeLEAF in your abiliTEAS! – unknowing
  81. A cup of tea is just an excuse to share great moments together. – unknown
  82. Serenitea: the absence of stress while drinking tea! – unknown
  83. Even a busy man has his own little time for tea. – Pinterest
  84. Tea is like happiness in a sip! – self made (Ahana)
  85. In cold days, warm your hands by holding a hot cup of tea and warm your soul by taking a sip from it! – self made (Ahana)
  86. The only pause which I like in my life: the pause between two sips of chai! – self made (Ahana)
  87. When you find someone with whom you can have a cup of tea and enjoy the moment, know that you have a friend for lifetime! – Pinterest100 Amazing Tea Quotes That You Must Know??
  88. A piece of advice: start your day with vitamin tea! – unknown
  89. I like to have my teas dark and mornings bright! – unknown
  90. Like great friends are a treasure, a great tea is a pleasure. – Pinterest
  91. Everything has to stop for gaming but not tea! – unknown
  92. When it comes to trying something innovative, always have a cup of tea and use your creativi-tea! – unknown
  93. The mere clinks of tea cups makes the mind go happy! – self made (Ahana)
  94. Life’s better with a cup of tea in one hand! – self made (Ahana)
  95. I’m on a liquid diet which includes tea at all times! – self made
  96. Lemonade or lemon shikanji? I would love to have some lemon tea! – unknown
  97. I get tea cravings 24×7! – unknown
  98. Life is full of possibili-teas! – Pinterest
  99. No matter what is happening in your life, always offer someone a cup of tea! – Clemantine Wamariya
  100. A cup of tea would restore my sane mind. – Douglas Adams

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