Tea to go! Best tea infusers and tea accessories you certainly need!

Are you among the ones who cannot do without tea when traveling? Is tea among the most quintessential things that you need when you’re on the go? If yes, then read till the end to find out how to always have your perfect cup of tea, hot and delicious because being away from home doesn’t mean you must miss out on your favorite tea.

In a foreign land, doesn’t tea feel familiar? Doesn’t it feel like home? Here, let’s talk about all the creative ways to travel with tea, your tea to go:

The first prerequisite is definitely tea. You can always carry Loose leaf tea in an airtight container with a measuring spoon. If you are not comfortable carrying loose tea, you can always opt for tea bags as they would be more convenient and easy to carry.

The second most important thing, of course, is water. I mean, we’re not going to go on about how easy that is to get hold of. Coming right to the most important step is infusing your tea leaves. And let’s not worry, there are innumerable ways to make your life better.

Tea to go

There are many travel-friendly and convenient ways to infuse your tea and there are many diverse and varied teaware that can brew the most perfect tea for you. Let’s list them out!

Infuser Kettle

This exquisitely made teapot would be your type of social company if you are a sucker for tea when traveling. This kettle is usually made of stainless steel, the infuser insert has a fine mesh for Loose tea leaves, so you can forget about the possibility of your tea leaves escaping your infuser.

This Infuser kettle makes the next brewing easy too as you can take out the old leaves easily and clean the kettle for further use. And since, this is a clear teapot you can easily monitor the brewing process to make sure you’re happy with the color, intensity, and texture.
Tea infuser allows you to brew your tea with utmost care.

Tea to go

It holds the leaves inside while its mesh lets the boiling water extract the full flavor of tea leaves giving it a very strong aroma and taste. Seeing the love for loose leaves tea among tea lovers, the manufacturers designed these special kettles that include tea infusers. These kettles are just like other ordinary kettles with the added benefit of having a tea infuser within it to extract the maximum flavor out of leaves.

But of course, you can also use a teapot with an external infuser which also is pretty convenient if you ask us. We all know that the authentic, pure flavor and taste of tea is best found in loose tea and not tea bags.

The kettle with tea infuser offers great convenience for tea lovers as these infusers are removable and thus does not restrict the kettle only for teas.

Also, do not forget to carry classy cups with you of course!

Double-walled cups

These cups are made of high borosilicate glass material. Borosilicate is heat resistant in nature and thicker than the usual glassware. The thickness of the cup coupled with double walls can handle sudden temperature changes without cracking and of course, the cups look really pretty too!

They are lighter in weight and are high-temperature resistant which provides them heat insulation. There is a hydrophobic silicone membrane under the glass floor that can equalize the pressure between the glass walls.

Tea to go

Double-walled cups are a must while traveling. It keeps the tea hot for a long time while keeping the outer glass cool which makes it durable and easy to handle. The insulated design gives you the perfect drinking temperature. It can bear instantaneous temperature so you can directly pour in your steaming hot tea.

What else, sip on your favorite elixir with a unique view of glass contents because tea is in fact as visually pleasing as it is in taste. So, after having loose tea in an airtight container, infuser kettle, and double-walled cup in hand, don’t you feel that brewing your favorite cup of tea on the go is not a tough deal?

‘Hygge’ is a word used by the Danish which expresses a sense of coziness and comfort with feelings of wellness and content. For us, it’s the act of cupping warm tea with both hands around the cup. Ahh! Peace after knowing that we don’t have to miss out on my favorite tea when we’re away. That we would have something that would feel like home in a foreign land.

Gift yourselves these practical, pretty tea wares today and pamper yourselves as the soothing cup of tea would feel like someone close, someone very dear to you, someone you know, and someone you don’t ever want to get rid of! Give the adventurer inside you a kick start to wander even more, as don’t you worry my friend, tea anywhere, anytime will remind you of the essence of your home, sweet home!

Tea to go

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