5 Best teas for upset stomach you must know today!!

5 Best teas for upset stomach you must know today!!

An upset stomach is a mild issue that usually lasts for 3 days or 4 days but causes so much discomfort. There can be various reasons which cause diarrhea or an upset stomach. Some of the reasons are as follows:

5 Best teas for upset stomach you must know today!!


Eating more than your regular appetite upsets the stomach, and also leads to vomiting or fever.

Emotional stress-

Sometimes emotional stress also leads to an upset stomach or nausea.

Consumption of alcohol or smoking-

Drinking alcohol or smoking excessively can certainly upset the stomach.

Food poisoning-

Eating contaminated food mostly leads to indigestion, nausea, or upset stomach.


Getting less sleep or having an improper sleeping pattern also influences the digestive system of a person which leads to a stomach discomfort


Stress is often considered to be a reason for indigestion because it affects the appetite of a person which is directly connected to the functioning of the stomach and digestive system.

People usually go for medication to get rid of upset stomach or nausea but these medicines can have side effects but consuming tea to get rid of nausea or upset stomach is quite effective. It is observed that tea has no side effects and is many times really beneficial for treating such problems.

Best teas for upset stomach

Green Tea

Green tea is mostly known for its health benefits. Whether we’re talking weight loss or indigestion, Green tea is known to cure all such problems. Green tea is infused with many antioxidants and minerals. European Journal of pharmacology says “Green tea is quite effective in treating gastrointestinal disorders.”

This is because Green tea is infused with antioxidants such as catechins which are directly absorbed by the linings of the intestine ultimately resulting in increased metabolic rate and reduction in the problem of indigestion. Green tea also increases the production of gastric juices like bile juice which helps in the churning of the food.

Inflammation and irritation in the stomach lead to problems such as alleviate colitis, chronic gastritis, and others. These are quite severe problems that can be solved by the intake of Green tea. Green tea is full of antioxidants such as catechins, EGCG, and others, which help in reducing inflammation and irritation in the stomach ultimately solving the problem of alleviating colitis as well as chronic gastritis.

It is suggested to drink Green tea after meals and not on an empty stomach because it has small amounts of caffeine. Therefore, the consumption of Green tea on a regular basis can improve the digestive system.

Ginger Tea

Ginger tea is an herbal tea made by boiling the roots of ginger in water for 5 or more minutes, according to the preference of the consumer. People who usually avoid medicines, go for Ginger tea in order to treat their upset stomach or diarrhea. Ginger has anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial, analgesic, and healing properties which have a positive impact on the stomach.

Ginger tea is a perfect tonic for an upset stomach. It not only warms the stomach but also rehydrates it by providing all the necessary nutrients which are essential for recovery. A study conducted in the year 2007 states “Ginger works by blocking the toxic bacteria that cause diarrhea and prevents fluid from accumulating in the intestine”.

5 Best teas for upset stomach you must know today!!

Ginger tea when combined with lemon juice and honey shows instant anti-inflammatory effects which reduces irritation in the stomach. Ginger tea soothes the gut, reduces every form of bloating and cramps, activates the taste buds, and increases the movement of food via the gastrointestinal tract. Ginger tea is truly an effective drink for upset stomach or nausea.

Black Tea

Black tea is mostly known for its refreshing effect and pleasant aftertaste. It makes its consumer more attentive and focused. Black tea is quite underrated when it comes to its health benefits. Black tea helps to cure indigestion and upset stomach. Diarrhea mostly happens due to the inflammation in the inner linings of the intestine. Black tea helps in reducing inflammation.

This happens because of the presence of tannins in Black tea. Black tea has an astringent effect on intestinal linings. This ultimately reduces inflammation. Black tea also improves and regulates bowel movements in terms of consistency, volume, frequency, and others. Black tea is highly recommended to people who have an unhealthy gut.

Black tea is also infused with antioxidants and nutrients such as polyphenols which can easily digest all the harmful bacteria thereby promoting the growth of good and effective bacteria. The consumption of Black tea can cure the issues related to indigestion and upset stomach.

Chamomile tea

Chamomile tea is an herbal infusion made from dried buds of Chamomile flowers. It is mostly known to protect against cancer, helps in getting proper sleep, and improves heart health. Along with these, Chamomile tea is proven to be quite beneficial in treating indigestion and upset stomach.

Chamomile tea is considered to be a perfect homemade remedy for all types of abdominal pain. Stress is considered to be one of the leading factors which give rise to indigestion or any gastroesophageal disease. Chamomile tea, in this case, provides a natural soothing effect and refreshment by its aroma and taste.

It reduces all types of stress and further, it calms an upset stomach. Abdominal gas alleviates sensations of pain and causes cramps. Therefore, Chamomile tea has special carminative properties which reduce bloating, abdominal gas, and others. Chamomile tea helps in curing mostly all the problems related to bowel and cramps.

Peppermint tea

Peppermint tea is another herbal tea also known as bakha-cha. As the name suggests, this tea is made up of Peppermint leaves. It has a pleasant mint-like taste and is quite effective in relieving migraines, headaches, and clogged sinuses. Along with these, Peppermint tea also helps in curing indigestion as well as bloating. Peppermint tea is known to relax and soothe its consumer’s digestive system.

It reduces contraction and relieves spasms present in the gut. Peppermint effectively reduces the time, seriousness, and frequency of the occurrence of abdominal pain. It is also quite effective in treating menstrual cramps and nausea. Therefore, the consumption of peppermint tea helps in treating an upset stomach.

Summing Up

The above-mentioned teas are a perfect substitute for medicines to treat indigestion or upset stomach. People who avoid medicines can easily go for the above-mentioned teas. Teas are advisable because they are herbal and usually do not have any side effects. Therefore, teas are a natural solution to all such problems.

5 Best teas for upset stomach you must know today!!

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