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Get to Know All About Tieguanyin Tea?

Tieguanyin tea, also known as Kwam Yin, or the iron of goddess of mercy has always been a novelty. Although it’s made up of Camellia Sinensis tea, it’s additionally mixed with different kinds of tea cultivator. This leaf tea is roasted and oxidized at different levels in step with the local’s style. In most of the Chinese native market, the medium oxidized leaves are most well-liked. If you would like the best quality Tieguanyin tea then buy the tea leaves that are harvested in the spring and autumn of the year.

The tone of the leaves changes from fresh green to brown shade as per the extent of oxidizing. Once the yellow-colored drink is served, its strong stunning aroma positively uplifts the mood. This tea has lots of flavors with a soothing and earthy essence. The leaves are generally roasted, which permits the smoky flavor. Thanks to the fruity and floral shade, there is a natural sweetness added to the tea. 


The Tieguanyin Tea possesses a tremendous style. It has an excellent and equally fascinating history behind it. This Chinese tea is called after the Chinese goddess of mercy, Guanyin. It originates in Anxi, the capital of Fujian that is additionally named ‘home city of tea’. The place has a great history of manufacturing tea for quite a few thousand years. Thus, it is said that tea created here is of the best quality. This is also due to the favorable natural conditions. Tieguanyin tea may be thought of as a treasure of oolong tea. The purity, freshness, and fragrance of leaves makes it elegant and symbolizes knowledge and harmony.

Health Benefits of Tieguanyin Tea

benefits of tieguanyin tea

Cures Skin Problems  

Polyphenols are a type of antioxidants that treat skin issues. If you drink Tieguanyin tea for a few weeks then you’d positively see the effects of it on your skin.

Increases immunity 

Tieguanyin tea is a good supply of antioxidants that fight against free radicals and shield our cells. However, if you only wish to increase the intake of antioxidants then there are better choices out there because it is high in caffeine.

Relieves Stress 

Caffeine relaxes you and keeps you focused. It additionally contains L-theanine that helps to alleviate stress. Caffeine lovers should taste that flavor. However, we cannot say about the exact quantity of caffeine in the tea. This is because it completely depends upon the type of tea cultivators blended to make that tea.

Reduces Chances of Cancer 

It has selenium that stimulates immune proteins and antibodies. These help fight against the sickness by resisting the assembly of cancer cells. For people who smoke, the phenolic acid in this tea helps in excretion of nicotine from our body through urine. This can provide possibilities of reducing the harmful effects of nicotine.

Weight loss

The anti-fat agents help to reduce fat in both males and females resulting in a fit life. The process might be slow and gradual but the effects can be seen for sure if you are patient. But you need to exercise alongside consuming the tea. That will help to fasten your weight loss.

Side Effects Of Tieguanyin Tea

Tieguanyin tea is a famous drink, but drinking it excessively might lead to unnecessary health conditions. Be careful about the amount you drink. Along with advantages, we should also be aware of the disadvantages. So let’s take a look at them.  

Caffeine level

Caffeine is the primary and most important disadvantage of this tea. After the intake of caffeine, it interacts with the drugs and chemicals in our body which can show some harsh effects on our health. So if you are on medication, make sure you consult your doctor and nutritionist before consuming this benerage. Many people are also very sensitive to caffeine so this tea is not for those people.  But if consumed in moderation, then it will cause no harm.

Complicating Pregnancy 

If you are pregnant, consult your doctor in the first place as it has high levels of caffeine which may not be good for your fetus and might lead to an unfortunate miscarriage. Avoid caffeine as much as you can during pregnancy.

Increases Illness 

If you already have major ongoing health issues like kidney failure or heart disease then try and  avoid this drink. This is because caffeine might deteriorate the persisting condition.

Brewing Guide of  Tieguanyin Tea

It is very straightforward to make this tea. All you have to do is, buy a pack of the Tieguanyin tea from a nearby shop or online. Then follow these steps to make yourself a cup at home itself.


  • Water
  • Tieguanyin tea leaves
  • Sweetener (optional)


  • Pour water into a vessel and wait till it starts to boil. 
  • As the water starts boiling add the Tieguanyin tea leaves to it.
  • Let it steep for 2-3 minutes (this will awaken the leaves). Steep it longer if you want a stronger flavour.
  • Fill the tea in a cup and add sweetener if you want. Stir gently and enjoy!

Final words

This was the first oolong tea I ever tried and I loved it. It’s an excellent plan to drink this tea with your friends and family. Easily available and tasty, the flavour is very different. You will get to experience the style that may help you relax. Just to cue you again do not harp on this tea without consulting your doctor. Considering the effects and side effects, it’s best to drink it once or twice in a week. Thus, enjoy that time and let us know.


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