What does Oolong tea taste like? Let’s find out!

Being a tea-lover in a world that offers you countless varieties of this delicious beverage has its own perks but choosing the perfect tea from the unending tea collection can be quite tough at times though. That’s why we are here, to lend you a helping hand so that you don’t have to compromise on your daily dose of tea and never have to miss out on the hidden gems!

Today, we’ll give you an insight into Oolong tea. Though not as popular as other varieties of tea, a cup of Oolong tea will not fail to impress you. If you’ve never heard about this tea before, don’t worry, we are going to answer all the questions popping up in your head. If you already know about this variant, we’d still suggest you read along because you are in for a tour! Let’s explore a little about Oolong tea, what it tastes like, and much more.

A little about the humble, delicious Oolong Tea

Oolong tea, otherwise known as the Black Dragon, is a conventional Chinese tea that is produced from the tender leaves of a plant called Camellia sinensis. It is predominantly grown in China and Taiwan. Black tea and Green tea are also products of the same plant.

The difference lies in the way they are processed and oxidized which is why every tea has a distinct taste and colour. Oolong tea is essentially a semi-fermented tea. The fermentation of tea basically defines the time the tea is allowed to oxidize.

For Oolong tea, oxidation time lies somewhere in between that of Black and Green tea, which is why it might taste a bit like one of those but it certainly also has a characteristic unique flavour of its own. We can say that Oolong tea has the best of both worlds!

what does oolong tea taste like

What does Oolong tea taste like?

Oolong tea offers a spectrum of flavours given that there is a wide range of possible oxidization level that lies between Green and Black tea itself. The flavour of the tea is determined by the way it is cultivated and manufactured.

Right from the plucking of the leaves, the tea goes through a series of steps that can be customized according to the tea producer. This is the reason behind a wide flavour profile. As we mentioned, Oolong tea is slightly less oxidized than Black tea but more oxidized than Green tea. It makes for an ideal cup of tea because it isn’t as strong as Black but also doesn’t taste mild like Green.

The oxidation time is a crucial factor because that’s what determines how the tea will taste like. Who would have thought such minute details can either make or break your day!

An array of taste, right from nutty to floral, is what you can expect from Oolong tea. Some varieties come with a certain touch of chocolate in them too. Few of them have a creamy texture which gives a soothing aftertaste. You can also find hints of flowery and fruity flavours. The tea yields a sweet aftertaste with increased fermentation time.

Also, it enhances the citrusy, orchid-like fragrance of the tea. The best part about Oolong tea is that it can be re-steeped. Each time you use the tea, the rolled-up leaves open up a little more and infuse a different flavour. The same batch of leaves give will offer you a fresh cup of tea, each time.

So, if you are bored of drinking regular tea, you should surely switch to Oolong tea. It can literally change the entire definition of a perfect cup of tea for you!

What does Milk Oolong Tea taste like?

Well, perhaps you’re thinking milk Oolong tea means Oolong tea brewed with milk. No, no, no! Milk Oolong tea is called so because it gives the feel of milk – rich and creamy. It is delicate in flavour and with mild sweet notes, this tea is perfect after a long day of work!

The tea gives away a lingering buttery aftertaste which makes you feel fresh and bright. Plants that produce the Milk Oolong tea leaves are grown at a higher altitude, which amplifies the flavour and scent of the tea. The tea leaves are slightly roasted, which gives it a flavourful appearance.

what does oolong tea taste like

Since the tea has no milk in it, where does the milky flavour come from? Milk Oolong tea is grown in mountains. The elevation of the mountains alongside a good amount of sunshine enhances the richness in the flavour.

So, now you know, it’s not easy to associate Oolong tea with one particular taste, the diversity in flavour is what makes them unique. The choice totally depends on an individual. If you are someone who is inclined towards light tea, then go for the ones that are less oxidized.

They are subtle on your palette. And if you prefer a strong cup of tea, then go for the strongly oxidized variants. The caramel undertones will surely make up for a flavorsome cup of tea! Oolong has it all!

For all the tea-lovers out there who have not yet tried the scrumptious Oolong tea, what are you waiting for? And for all the non-tea-drinkers, you have no idea what you’re missing out on! So, don’t forget to pick up some pure Oolong tea, brew yourself a cup of it and experience an explosion of flavours!

How to brew Oolong Tea?

To brew a cuppa of this tea, you don’t need any exotic ingredients. Just a cup of water, a teaspoon of Oolong tea leaves and you are good to go! Here goes…

  • Use freshly boiled water that is at a temperature of around 175/180 F
  • Add in 1 teaspoon of Oolong tea leaves per cup of tea.
  • Brew the tea for about 3 minutes. Do not go beyond that because the tea might turn bitter and gives away a very strong flavour. And sip away!

That’s it! It was easy, wasn’t it? If you really want to explore the flavours of Oolong tea, we recommend you to avoid adding any sweetener. Sit down with a cup of this tea, and notice how the complex flavours unfold. It’s an experience in itself!

So, are you ready to get ‘Oolong’ with a cup of Oolong tea? A perfect balance of flavour and aroma, this tea will leave you longing for more!

what does oolong tea taste like

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